Monday, July 15, 2013

Santa Keeps Promises

Santa gave Max and Sullivan this little model playset on Christmas morning.  A note was attached explaining that he had commissioned this playset to be built for them, but they would need to wait until spring for the life size version.  
The boys didn't forget.  And neither did Santa.  

Our very generous and talented friend, Matt, took my vague sketch of an idea and turned it into this...
Daddy and Matt worked tirelessly.  The boys spent hours sitting in the yard watching them work.  
A little dinner entertainment watching Dad prep the space.
Max couldn't believe that out of everyone in the world Santa hired his Uncle Matt to do the job.  How convenient!  And how cool that Uncle Matt knew Santa.
 I love for Max and Sullivan to see their Dad creating something with his hands (Billy is more of a sidekick in these situations, but our little guys don't know any different :) .  Billy is the opposite of "handy", but we're determined that this handicap will stop with our boys.
 They were so intrigued with the measuring, leveling, sawing and drilling.  Learning that you can create anything you want with your own hands if you have the skill and knowledge to do so.  To me learning a trade is as important as earning a college degree.  I hope my boys have the desire to accomplish both in their lives.

While Billy was digging up the grass he found a (large, disgusting) worm and put in a box for the boys.  Max decided the worm should return to his home after watching it try to escape.

The worm didn't seem to bother Max, but when Sullivan touched it he shuddered.  A whole body convulsion.  I laughed so hard.  That's what my exact reaction would have been if I touched a worm too :)
They were fascinated watching the worm burrow into the dirt. 
 And just like that he was gone.

The guys worked so fast the boys were able to enjoy their snacks on the bridge in just a couple days.

Finishing touches were added including a picnic bench underneath one of the towers and a pirate telescope in each "fort".

Don't mind the naked baby climbing the ladder.  I cannot keep clothes on these boys in the summertime.  They love to strip down.  Many times the only thing they're wearing outside is a layer of sunscreen. :)
This has provided hours of entertainment already.  Max puts on concerts, they play games, read books and eat most meals in the fort.  Billy and Matt already have ideas for additions to be made, but the boys love it just the way it is.

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