Monday, July 8, 2013

Independence Day

We had a traditional, all-American July 4th this year.  A parade, lemonade, swimming, sunburns (for momma at least), grilled food, bomb pops, fireflies and fireworks.

Max had his heart set on seeing and/or being in a parade.  We had no specific parade plans, which didn't make Max very happy.  However, I did have some festive streamers that had been packed away in a box for years (I don't even remember when or why I got them.)  So I dug them out and told him we were going to put on our own parade for the neighborhood.  

They got busy decorating their tricycle and toy tractor.   

We set off down the street, Max ringing the bell on his tricycle.  Sullivan decided to carry streamers rather than ride the tractor.
 We were lucky that there were actually quite a few people out on their front porches to witness the parade.  Carley, their babysitter, was even outside her house with some friends.  The boys felt so cool. They smiled and waved...thinking everyone was there just to observe their parade.  

We also spent a good portion of the day with some friends at their club, swimming and eating.  Once the boys were good and pruned-up and cranky we headed home.

No Independence Day would be complete without red, white and blue bomb pops.  Max devoured his immediately, but Sullivan took his time.  He was nice enough to share the rest with Max.

Bathed and jammied, we let the boys stay up and wait for the sun to set.  
Max was all about the fireworks, but Sullivan wasn't too sure.  

"Too loud!"
 Max kept asking for more.
We ended the night catching fireflies and listening to the boom of nearby fireworks displays.  

I put my sweaty boys to bed way too late, but I could tell that they enjoyed the extra time and freedom.  And, after all, that's what this day is all about. 

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