Friday, July 12, 2013

Vacation: Part II

Next stop: Nashville, Tennessee!

The drive from Branson to Nashville was a little more of an undertaking than we anticipated.  The boys did great and the only complaining came when we were about 20 miles away from our destination.  I was so proud of them and their patience with the long drive.  I think I had a harder time keeping my cool in the car than they did.

But, we made it.  

And, oh, was it worth it to see these sweet faces we miss so much.
Arrington Vineyards
Billy's sister and her clan were incredibly welcoming.  And my boys were in heaven with their "big" cousins.

We were excited to see the beautiful new house they're building, their schools, the lovely countryside and the adorable town of Franklin.  It really was just a relaxing trip.

The house that they're currently renting while their home is being built has chickens and cows within steps of the back door which was a huge hit with the boys.  My guys are city-dudes, so waking up with a petting zoo right outside was a special treat.

Fiona and Max.
Max and Ella riding the scooter down the driveway for the 87th time :)
One afternoon, while the boys were napping, Billy and I got to go into Nashville to explore.  Our goals were to find a seedy bar and listen to some country music and then grab a little lunch.  We found a great bar that had lots of music history inside.  We sat and listened to a talented duo while I savored my ice cold O'Douls :)
We had lunch at another bar down the road and then spent way too much time in a candy shop across the street.

We were heading back to the house when we got this picture via text:
The boys were up from their nap!

We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up some goodies, regrouped and then headed to a nearby (like, across the street from the house) winery for a picnic dinner.
Sully, I'm so glad we've kicked the pacifier habit.  You just look silly with this thing in your mouth!
Cade and Sullivan. Buddies.
Playing catch with Cosmo.
We're really looking forward to a trip back once they're in their new home and Baby #3 is here. 

On our way home we stopped in St. Louis for the night just to break up the drive.  We were able to swim, have a nice dinner and then have Father's Day breakfast in bed before hitting the road again for the home stretch.

We had so much fun and were so exhausted when we got back.  Max asked me when we were going on vacation again.  I told him not until next year.  
"Oh, good" he said, relieved. 
"Didn't you have fun??" I asked him.  
He said, "I did, but I really missed sleeping in my bed."  

I know how he felt.  The long drive, busy days, late nights and so much fun you can barely stand it.  It's all a lot to handle for that period of time and by the end of our trip their behavior started to show it.  I couldn't blame them.  

We're happy to be back home with these memories tucked neatly away in our minds treasure chest. (and here on the blog :)

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