Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Strawberry Pie

The boys saw a picture of miniature cherry pies on the cover of a food magazine recently and hadn't been able to get the idea out of their heads.  Sullivan would carry the magazine over to me every couple days and point to the picture and say "eat dis?"  And Max asked me multiple times when we were going to bake pies.  

The answer would be "never" if I had my way.  I'm not really into sweets.  And I'm definitely not a baker.  But I know how it feels to get an idea in your head about food.  I can't watch a commercial break without catching a major craving for something...especially these days.  Even if I fast forward through the commercials.  All it takes is one quick image from Outback Steakhouse and we'll be having filet for dinner.

Anyway, I had a spare pre-made pie crust in the freezer and half a container of deteriorating strawberries, so I figured I was out of excuses.
Pressing out the crust.
Cutting out circles for the mini pies. 
Adding the filling we made with sugar, cornstarch and strawberries.
By the time we were finished filling the pies it looked like a crime scene.
Ready for the oven!

Sullivan loved them and ate three.
Max was a little pickier since strawberries are on his "no thank you" list these days.  I think he had more fun making them than eating them.
 I ended up being pleasantly surprised with way they turned out and finished off the rest with Sully.  Not that I'll be baking again anytime soon :)

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