Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sullivan's 1/2 Birthday

We don't like to make TOO big a deal out of 1/2 birthdays.  (I mean, really, have I ever made too big a deal out of anything?! ;)  But presents, no singing, nothing crazy.  We just like to acknowledge the half-birthday because, well, it's just another excuse to for our little family to celebrate and say "Hey! We're so glad you were born."

So, as is tradition, we went to Sully's special restaurant..."Sully's Pub" in Mission.

And I can never resist posting a pic from the previous year.  Oh sweet Sully, how you have changed!

One thing that has not changed, however, is my husbands affection for this Royals sweatshirt.  He's like a cartoon dad who always has the same outfit on :)  It makes many appearances on this blog.

"You have a a bar..."

Every time I have my kids into an establishment that serves more alcohol than food that quote from Sweet Home Alabama plays in my head.  Especially since Sully's Pub is quite the dive.  They serve beer in mason jars.  But my regular glasses at home are mason maybe that says something about me?  Either way it's a very friendly place that has awesome pizza.  We even had the same waitress as last year.  She said "Wow, is it Sully's half birthday already?"  I was impressed she remembered us and it reinforced my positive feelings toward the place.  She even guaranteed she'd be there next year too...although didn't seem so excited about the prospect.

There are many games and no one seems to mind that the kids run around and push all the buttons, believing they're "playing" without having to insert any money.  I think of it as a cheaper, more sanitary (yes, more sanitary) Chuck E Cheese.  We're always cautious to go during non-busy hours...last year we had lunch there at 11 am.  This year we had dinner at 4:30.  We probably wouldn't be as well received outside of those parameters :)

"Mom, can I take baby to see the dart board?"  Max still call's Sullivan his "perfect, medium-sized baby"...
I know, buddy, its  hard to accept our little Sully is no longer a little guy :)

Sullivan's 18 month check-up was this week too!  I love hearing what a healthy, growing, charming, beautiful boy he is from a professional ;)

Height - 33.5 inches; 85th percentile
Weight - 29 lbs; 80th percentile

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