Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Real Life Moments: January

Here's what we were up to in the month of January!  We really didn't do much.  Just tried to unwind from the craziness of the holidays.  2013 is off to a great start...
My precious boys.  Dad and Max were giving Sullivan back scratches...which turned into a giggle-fest between Max and Sully.  I think my favorite part of these photos, though, is the look on Billy's face.  So much love and contentment :)
His obsession with eye-wear continues...
The boys gave Boobo a helicopter for Christmas.  Fun for everyone! :)

Celebrating Lolli's birthday.  Max was trying so hard to act tough and not smile.  Nice try :)
The Box.  This box has provided so many hours of entertainment I don't even know where to begin.  It's been a fort, a mountain and a cafe'.  I can't take credit for any of it, though.  Billy was the one busy transforming it every couple of days :) 
Super Max!  He loves the superhero cape Sullivan made him for Christmas.  Lots of jumping off furniture!  

Sullivan is getting ever closer to potty training.  These days he cannot stand a dirty diaper for a single second.  He goes and gets out the wipes and diapers and brings them to me!  It's so cute and a sign that he might be ready to start potty training soon!
I love random warm weather in the winter!  We met our play group friend, Corrine and her momma, Amy at the zoo to take advantage of the beautiful day.  By the end of it though, Sullivan was so tired and ready to go home!
Those warm days just tease us though, because we can be back to this within 24 hours!  Max really likes to use his mini-shovel and help Dad clear the driveway.
We do lots of library time in the winter.  The boys love the plaza library...there's so much to do (classes, games, puppet shows)!  We went at the end of January to get our Valentine's and Groundhog's Day books since holiday books always disappear quickly.  Max likes to play "librarian" and pretend to check the books out at the kiddo computers.  Then he puts them neatly into our bag.  
 With January behind us, we're looking forward to Max's 3rd birthday, Sullivan's 1/2 birthday and Valentine's Day in February!  Good stuff ahead, folks.  Real good stuff.

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