Friday, February 15, 2013

"Valen-time's" Day

 I'm so happy I get to call these sweethearts mine.  These boys make love easy...
As soon as the holiday display in the dining room changes...the boys are intrigued.  It set's into motion new anticipation ...Max says, "What's next, Momma?!"  We make our lives  a constant cycle of celebrations.  This display was particularly enticing because of the arrows.  Max begged me to play with them daily.
Another clue that there is a new holiday to look forward to is the chalkboard wall in the kitchen.  Max notices immediately when it changes.

I got the stinkers a couple small things to acknowledge this Hallmark holiday...
A new book for my guy who loves to read and some fruit squeezers for both of them.
A new record for my guy who has a love affair with our record player...
I set up a little breakfast at their desk in the living room.  They were very excited, but INSISTED on putting on the new record before eating.  You know, for ambiance.  Oh the sound of Chip N' Dale singing "Oh my darlin' Clementine" before 9 it...
Max took the lead this time.  He's better at setting the needle than Sullivan is at this point :)
I made their favorite breakfast:  Grilled peanut butter and honey sandwiches (cut into hearts, of course!), greek yogurt with stawberry sauce and sliced apples.  Except Max informed me this morning that he no longer "cares for apples".  Something new every day!
Dancing and signing to the new tunes.
So much love between these two!  It's amazing my heart hasn't exploded yet.
 In the afternoon I helped out at Max's school party.  Sullivan got to be in the mix with the big kids again.  Luckily Max's classmate, Hector, has a little brother exactly Sullivan's age, so he had a buddy his own age to hang with.
Watching the kids exchange "Valentime's" was adorable.  Max carefully passed out each of his "Little Cutie" oranges.  He's always so proud when Sullivan is in his classroom.  He shows him around and showers him with hugs and kisses.
Can you spot the impostors?  Sullivan and little Elliot (on his left) trying to blend in during story time :)
 I came home from Max's school party to find unexpected flowers, a spa gift certificate and the promise of a home cooked romantic dinner from Billy.  It makes my heart smile that my guy knows I'd rather have an assortment of purple flowers over roses any day.
I'm lucky to have not one, not two, but THREE sweethearts on Valentime's Day.

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