Monday, February 11, 2013

Max's Road Trip Birthday Party

Oh what an adventure its been so far, my dear Max.  

This business of being a parent is much like one wild road trip sometimes feel lost, you try to embrace the detours and you might even feel like screaming "are we there yet?!" on occasion.  But when you look back on the bumps in the road, they make you smile...and you realize that they're kind of the best part of the adventure.

These thoughts that occupy my mind, coupled with the fact that Max is fascinated with any and all maps (random, I know) gave me the inspiration for a...ROAD TRIP PARTY!

Max was in heaven.  His favorite foods, one of his favorite activities (dress up) and CAKE!  Not to mention many of his favorite people in attendance.

The invitations:

I created four versions of the invitation using art from old postcards.
Souvenirs for the guests:

Choose-Your-Destination Dress Up:
Mardi Gras was the favorite destination! :)
Max and I made his cake in the shape of the USA and covered it with sprinkles.  For food we had KC BBQ, NYC Pizza, Chicago Dogs, Wisconsin cheese, California grapes and Florida oranges.

Lolli and Max!
1) Annabelle checking out Max's "Year in Review" via the viewfinder.  2) Uncle Bill and Nora.  3) Max and Great Grandpa Meyers playing the US State Capital's game.
Magnetic map puzzle and a couple other road trip games.
I bought us all some t-shirts that had different destinations on them at a thrift store. Sully looked pretty cute in his San Fran shirt :)
Such a gentleman...sharing his most prized possession, his ball.

Everyone had a blast.  Most importantly, Max was so happy.  When I tucked him in later that night he said "Thanks for giving me a great party, Mom."  Those words make it all worth it.

And it's not over yet!  His actual birthday is February 13th, so there's even MORE fun to come this week! :)

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