Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boxes and Blogs

Dear Max & Sullivan,
This may come as a surprise to you, but before there were blogs...there were boxes.

Under the lids of multiple plastic boxes stacked high in the basement and behind the covers of quite a few scrapbooks is the story of your momma's childhood, the beginning of a love story between your father and myself and the start of our young family.  So many pieces packed away and waiting to be rediscovered someday.

I've kept a little bit of everything. I learned from the best...your Lolli is a master at cataloging, saving and preserving memories. When your father and I were early in our relationship, I spent my time organizing our memorabilia. Saving ticket stubs and flower petals and napkins and notes. 

I like having a tangible reminder of the past. Proof that it existed. Life and love so real that I can actually hold it in my hands.  But for the space and logistics that these physical memories require it's nice to have the limitless capacity of a blog to hold your treasures.
This is not to say you boys don't have tangible memory boxes as well.  In fact they're already too full of yearly scrapbooks and random memorabilia, but this is the most organized version of all those things in one place.

The reason I have this blog and what all of this "hyper-documenting" of your lives really boils down to is that I'm supremely aware of the finite amount of time I have while you kiddos are little. This is probably the shortest phase of life that I'll experience with you in the scheme of things. Your future friends and life experiences are all out there awaiting a share of your attention.  Right now I'm lucky to be witness to nearly every wonderous moment in your lives.

So, I’ve decided to throw everything I’ve got at this. I happily exist as the center of your world for this small window of time and I won't miss a single opportunity to capture it. 

my whole heart,

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  1. Sara Marie...again...your sweet perspective of how you look at life and being a mother bring tears to my eyes...not because I am sad...of's because I am a momma too, and know the overwhelming love and want of good things for your children...I miss those early years with all of my babies, who are now out in the world experiencing and building their own lives. However, I am incredibly "lucky to be witness," as you say, of my babies with their own babies now, and that I get to be a part their lives, not everyday, but now and again and again... I love you, always and forever! Mom

    Note to Sullivan and two little darlin's are so lucky to have such a wonderful momma! I love you boys to pieces!! Lolli