Thursday, February 9, 2012

Update: 6 months & 2 years

Yep, just as I predicted in my post last month, Sullivan turned 6 months old on February 6th. There was no way around it. And keeping in line with the steady march of time, Max will turn 2 years old on the 13th.  Time is tricky like that.  They're exactly one week short of  being 18 months apart.  I love that these two important milestones coincided.
I had a pocket full of M&Ms ready to bribe him to stand still and smile for the camera, but to my surprise he was so excited about wearing his suspenders and holding the balloons that bribes were not necessary.
With both of their big milestones falling one week apart we split the difference and combined their doctor appointments today.  Easier than going twice, right?

Max - Height: 36 inches (90th %), Weight: 33.5 lbs (95th %) + ALL your teeth are in :)
Sullivan - Height: 28 inches (90th %), Weight: 20 lbs (90th %), Head: 18 inches (70th %)

Dr. Kate said you are both doing great!

Dear Max,

Here are some funny anecdotes from you as of late...

1) For dinner one night I made you some sesame-peanut noodles.  You started eating away and then noticed the peanuts and said "Momma, that??" (pointing and asking "that?" is my cue to give the the name of things).  I said, "Oh, those are peanuts.  Yum!"  You gave me a horrified look and started spitting them out while saying "No penis, no penis!"   I tried to explain to you that peanuts and penis are very different things but you wouldn't have it.  You picked them all out of the noodles and refused to eat them.  I'm now very careful to enunciate when I tell you that you're having peaNUT butter and jelly for lunch. (side note:  I cannot wait to tell your girlfriends this story in the future!)

2) A few weeks ago we were out to lunch with Lolli and GG.  You had removed your straw from your juice box and started squirting it into your mouth.  So I said, "Max.  You're making a mess please put your, um....your um....(trying my hardest to think of the word for straw).  You just stopped what you were doing, looked up at me and said "Straw?"  (like, "Uh, duh, mom.  Learn to talk.")  I just said "Yes, your STRAW!"  while Lolli and GG couldn't stop laughing.  You're a quick little guy.

3) You speak to "Baby Van" in the cutest little old lady voice.  You "Ohhh" and "Ahhh" over him and say "Ohhhh Baaabyyy...soo cuuuute!" in a really high pitched voice. 

4)  When we ask you who's birthday is coming up you yell "MY BIRFDAY!".  And when we ask you how old you're going to be you say "TWO!" and hold up 10 fingers :)

Dear Sullivan,

You continue to be one of the sweetest babies ever.  No teeth yet despite the fact you've been drooling and chewing like you've been cutting some since 2 months.  We started introducing solids to you and so far you haven't met a food you didn't like.  You can sit pretty well're a bit wobbly though.  Also, yesterday I put you on your back on your activity mat thinking that you can only roll over once (you still haven't figured out tummy-to-back yet).  So I left the room for 1 minute.  I came back and SOMEHOW got yourself totally off the mat and onto the wood floor about 3 feet from where I left you.  I still don't know if you rolled, crawled or scooted.  Baby Houdini.  I keep trying to get you to do it again, but you're keeping your secret tricks to yourself.  And lastly, dear Sully, you look at Max like he's the coolest person on the planet.  You always reach your arms out toward him.  He returns the adoration and has started saying "I love you, baby" when he gives you big hugs. 

I went back and looked at pictures of what we were doing six months ago. 
Before: I managed to muster up a smile for the camera in the early stages of labor.  It was about 3am on your birthday. 
After:  Finally here...12 long hours later.
At this point I had only imagined a fraction of the joy you were going to bring this family.
Even at a healthy 10lbs at birth you still seemed so tiny!
We celebrated your half birthday by going to Sully's Pub.  We started a 1/2 birthday tradition of taking Max to "Max's Autodiner" so naturally we're doing the same for you. 

 It just so happens that there's a place called Sully's.
We were lucky to have the entire place to ourselves.
"Hmm...what should I have...mozzarella sticks, Frito pie, chicken tenders..."
"Ohhh...NACHOS! Nachos, nachos, nachos..."
"Wait a second...that was my bite!"
"Really not cool, Dad."
And then there was Max doing this....
Max needed two spoons to shovel the Frito pie in.
Ah! We love you both so much!

Forever and always.
Momma & Dada

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