Thursday, August 30, 2012

Anniversary Weekend Celebration

Here are a few pics from our celebration the other weekend...

Arcade games. Followed by a very decadent dinner at Ruth's Chris. A bottle of french champagne and a half bottle of the best Pinot Nior I've ever had. Lobster, steak, dessert...we didn't hold back. Then a little dancing at The Brooksider. Even after being together a total of 11 years...I've never met anyone more fun than Bill Murray :)

Last year, Billy and I made a point to include the kids in a portion of our anniversary celebration. We want them to grow up knowing that we love being married to one another.  And that marriage is a big deal and should be celebrated.  It's a tradition that we continued this year....

...with a picnic at Loose Park...

Walking! (a few steps here and there :)
Just relaxing and eating a little shrimp :)
My boys.

Playing soccer!  Sullivan wanted to jump in so badly.

 ....Followed by ice cream at Murray's!
Max is seriously the sweetest big brother!  Loves to share with Sullivan.

Our actual anniversary was on a Monday.  I happened to be doing some freelance work for my old company that day so I was away the while Billy stayed home with the boys.  He was a busy guy preparing all of this AND playing Mr. Mom... 
1) Billy and I always make cards for each other and he got very creative using a champagne bottle as his "card" this year :)  He even glued pictures on the other side of the bottle.  2) He also dug up one of the little candles we gave away as favors at our wedding for our candlelight dinner. 3)  I came home to flowers, champagne, and a special dinner.  Billy also organized a little wine tasting for us that paired perfectly with our dinner.  (Max and Sullivan, I  hope you take notes from your Dada and always make the women in your lives feel as special as he makes me feel :)

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