Sunday, August 26, 2012

Max's Half Birthday

The tradition continues:
2010....Max's .5 year celebration at "Max's Diner":

 2011....Max's 1.5 year celebration at "Max's Diner":

2012...Max's 2.5 year celebration:

I hope we keep this fun tradition alive.  Do you think Max will want to celebrate here on his 30 1/2 birthday? :)
Piggyback ride for T-Rex.
I hope they never outgrow this!

A little chocolate shake doesn't hurt anybody.

This T-Rex is becoming like a "Where's Waldo" in our photos lately.  Loves this thing.  Thanks to cousins Brandon, Preston and Keegan for passing it down to Max!
 Dear Max,

We went to your 2 1/2 year check up on the same day Sullivan had his 1 year appointment.  You're still ahead of the curve at 90th percentile for height and 95th percentile for weight.  Those stats actually kind of surprised me, because you don't seem to be THAT much bigger than others your age.

The most impressive thing about your development so far continues to be your verbal skills.  Last year at this time (18 months) you could only put together a handful of 2-3 word sentences and sing the ABC's...but now you and I can have a full conversation about nearly anything.   The ideas you have and your perception of the world is amazing.  It's interesting to go from trying to get you to repeat words to you forming and voicing your own thoughts independently.  Yesterday you told me "Today is so wonderful, momma." and "This food is delicious!"...your vocabulary is multiplying daily.

Of course, along with your ability to communicate comes the ability to express negative opinions more clearly as well.  I have to remind you at least once a day in my warning tone, "I'm the boss, applesauce..."  to which you always reply "No, I'm the applesauce!!"  It makes us both laugh which generally diffuses the power struggle.

Another interesting side effect of your verbal ability is that I'm constantly aware that you could embarrass me in public at any given moment.  Just because you can speak well doesn't mean you have developed your filter yet.  Or volume control.  You like to point at people in the grocery store and judge what they're buying...if you see someone picking up cookies you'll say "That's not healthy, momma, that guy is buying a treat!"  Or once when we were in a public bathroom you saw someone's feet underneath the adjoining stall and you yelled loudly "What's those shoes doing momma?  What's all that sounds?"  Soooo awkward to be the parent in those situations! 

You're also my little smarty can count to 20, identify numbers 1-5 and like to trace them with your fingers. You can recognize quite a few letters in the alphabet too.  You're so interested in learning how to read.  You memorize favorite books and are constantly asking "What's those words say?" on signs, on packaging, in books.  I love how much you want to learn.

You're also incredibly observant.  You will point out similarities in things that I didn't even notice.  You picked out the Murray family crest hanging on the wall at an Irish store and said it "looks like Dada's tattoo, but different colors."  You'll point to a random house and say " that looks like Mimi and Pop Pops because the windows blue" (blue shutters)  You picked out a person in the library that was reading the same book Dad has at home.  The list goes on and on.  I usually have to look hard to see what you're talking about and then I'm always astounded to see that you're right...and I never would have noticed those things if you hadn't pointed them out.  I'm fascinated by the way your mind works.

Your active imagination also creates some pretty interesting ideas too.  You have created an imaginary tiger that lives in our house.  Sometimes he's your friend, sometimes you're scared of him.  Many times before you go to bed I have to go to the back door and "let him outside" because your worried he's going to get you when you're asleep.  Or you'll tell me not to let the tiger get me.  You wake up at night every once in awhile and tell me you heard a scary sound and often blame the tiger.  Other times you tell me you were "thinking at night" that Daddy and I got lost and couldn't come back.  I try to explain dreams, but they're kind of difficult to explain.  We're entering a whole new chapter of parenting here!  I remember my parents telling me that I thought there was an alligator under my bed when I was about your age, so the wild imagination runs in our family :)

Oh Maxman, I really could go on and on.  You stop me in my tracks daily with your brilliance.  Keep it up wonder-boy, you make us so proud.

My whole heart,

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