Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Beautiful Oops: A gift for Sully

Dear Sullivan,

I've made it no secret that you were a surprise in our lives.  I'm open about it because there's nothing inherently bad about the unexpected.  Its how we perceive those unexpected things that come our way.  In my case, the unexpected arrived in the form of a sweet, smiley little boy with an undeniably enchanting soul.   How could a surprise like you ever be categorized as an "accident"?    And I guess in a way you were part of the plan...just not one that your Dad and I happen to be in control of.  The plan of something/someone bigger than us all. 

Learning of your existence expanded my faith and made me take notice of all the wonderful things that cross our paths without being planned and controlled down to the minuet detail. With the knowledge that you would be joining our family I actually felt free from the plans, deadlines and schedules that I generally hold myself to.  I let go of my need to try and control every aspect of life and opened up to the amazing gift that you are.

This book is given to you with so much love and appreciation for the person you are. And the person you will become. The story is about how many "oops" in life can lead you to something even greater than what had been planned.

I hope you color outside of the lines, take a few wrong turns and make all of the "oops" in your life into something beautiful.

Happy 1st Birthday to my most beautiful and wonderful oops. 

My whole heart,

Here are a few more pics of how we celebrated your first birthday as a family earlier this week...
Max helped me set all of your presents out on the deck first thing in the morning on your birthday.  The grill is handmade just for you.  We also got you a bubble mower and the Beautiful Oops book.  Max got you wooden food for the grill and a grilling apron.
Sullivan approves of his gifts!
It took every ounce of self control Max had to wait his turn with the mower.  He kept saying "HappyBirthday, Sully.Do you like your mower?Can I borrow it?"  Trying so hard to sound sincere :)
Sullivan's turn again.  He giggled the whole time!
Max couldn't wait to get his hands on the grill and apron as well :)
After Sullivan's morning nap we took him on a special lunch date to Browne's Irish Marketplace. He loved the chicken salad and bites of momma's corned beef and saurkraut!

After lunch we went to Murray's Ice Cream for a treat...but it was closed!  So we headed to Glace' for some artisan ice cream.  We lit a candle and sang to the birthday boy.
Happy boy back at the house after a fun day.  What a year it's been!

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