Thursday, August 2, 2012

Real Life Moments: July

We had some happy times this past month.  Nothing earth-shattering, but I wouldn't trade one single moment for anything.  I love to watch these boys explore and experience the world around them, which is what I spend the majority of my days doing.  Here are a few of our real life moments from July...
Early morning bath for Max's dinosaurs.  He's meticulous about scrubbing them with the soapy water, rinsing them in the clean water and then lining them up perfectly to dry.  Sullivan tries to mimic Max.
"I'm cute." -- "Oh yeah, I'm cute." -- "Yep...pretty stinkin' cute."   
(and please take note of Max putting his foot in the bucket in the background of these pictures. :)
Big jump!
Trying to stay cool by painting with watercolor ice cubes.  This one was for Aunt Kim's birthday!

Sullivan loved being pushed in the laundry basket...
Max decided he was missing out on the fun and hopped in the basket too.  He said someone needed to "hold the baby".  Sure're not fooling anyone :)

Lights off.  Glowing Drumsticks.  Italian techno music.  Just the normal bath time routine at the Murray household :) 
Sullivan discovers nectarines!

1) Anything and everything is a victim when teeth are coming in.  2)  Max thought this bucket would make a great hat for Sullivan.  Sullivan disagreed.  3)  80's Sully.
All-Star Fanfest.  Max loved every minute of it.  It was an impressive event that left me feeling very American.  Max got to draw on a ball that will be sent to our troops and even enjoyed his first Doritos Locos taco :) 
"Grandma's Day" at the pool with Mimi.  The goggles were clearly a hit.
The joy of seeing Dada pull in the driveway never gets old.  They have a special spot in the playroom where they're on the look-out each afternoon
Max loves shopping at Trader Joes.  He loves pushing the little cart and insists on unloading it himself.  Luckily the TJ's employees are always so patient.  When we're done he walks out to the car with his little chest puffed up so proud and a handful of TJ's stickers for being a good helper.  Everyone wins :)
Play date with our Brookside Moms.  Its a special treat when there's a pool and picnic lunch!
I got to go on an amazing, relaxing girls weekend in July.  I came home to this (and a house full of blanket "forts") on Sunday.  I missed my boys so much.   

July treated us very well.
About RLM:

I take so many pictures every month. Most don't document any particular milestone or special occasion. They're ones that might seem kind of boring, but when you put those little fragments of time together they tell our true story. The one that is ordinary but important in its own way. I call those fragments of time our real life moments.

I compile our "real life moments" at the end of each month to begin stitching together our little moments into something more tangible. A whole greater than the sum of its parts. Like a quilt of memories.

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