Monday, August 13, 2012

Update: 12 Months

Well, my darling, you are officially one year old now. How much more can I dwell on this milestone? Even I'm getting annoyed with me ;) Oh well, I hope one day you'll appreciate how thorough I'm being with the coverage of your first birthday.

Sullivan had just gotten his shots at the Dr this morning and didn't have it in him to give me a smile.  Sad baby.
Friday you had your check-up and shots.  And your first haircut for your scraggly strands.  Had to look handsome for your big party on Sunday! 

Height - 31 inches (90th percentile)
Weight - 25 lbs (80th percentile)

Dr. Kate said you look perfect!  She noticed that FOUR of your top teeth are coming in at the same time.  Ouch!  It's about time currently only have your two little bottom bunny teeth.  You're trying to walk and will take 2-3 steps on your own before deciding you'd rather crawl to reach your destination faster.  You are doing great at using sign language to communicate basic needs and even have a few, woof-woof, up, book, ball, bye-bye (all the 'b' words sound kind of the same, but I always know what you mean ;) and, of course, momma and dada.  You love stacking legos and sorting shapes.  You can point to your nose, mouth, eyes and ears when asked.  You're becoming a master climber which is new territory for us because Max was never interested in climbing.  You try to get those chubby legs up on anything and everything!  You're still a very good eater.  Your favorite continues to be a hummus sandwich.  You also get excited for sauteed tofu with red/yellow peppers.  And the good old PB&J is always a winner too.  At some point in the past month you've sworn off blueberries.  If I put them on your tray you'll squeal loudly and throw them on the floor.  So dramatic!

Here are a few pics of your first handsome boy...

You did great!  The stylist and other clients commented on how laid back you were.  Max sat in the chair next to you and reassured you..."Is just a haw-cut, baby.  Don't wowwy." 

All that's left is the post on your big par-tay that took place on Sunday!  It was a whirlwind of fun that went by too fast.  I have a ton of adorable pictures that I'll document soon!

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