Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Real Life Moments: August

I do this monthly post to document our everyday adventures that can't really be classified as any particular milestone.  A compilation of random photos that don't really fit together...other than the fact that they're how we spend our regular days. 

HOWEVER, the month of August seemed to be full of big events and milestones.  A couple of our dearest friends tied the knot in Vail, Sullivan turned 1, Max turned 2 1/2 and Billy and I had our 7 year anniversary just to name a few things.  It was a whirlwind of wonderful events and happy tears and toasting to all of our good fortune. 

So, sadly (but happily:), there are not many uninteresting, ordinary photos to post!   I dug around on my phone and camera and came up with these few "regular" days out of the very exciting month of August...

Picnic breakfast and an early hot air balloon competition was a great way to kick off the weekend.

A boy after my own heart. He'll eat a whole lemon or lime and not even flinch...

Frozen, ripe bananas blended with a tablespoon of Nutella makes for a special after dinner treat!
 And this is what happened when Max left his waffle bowl unattended...

Who doesn't love a wagon?  My little climber sure thought it was fun...
 We love when Annabelle comes to play!

Cowboy Max and the Underware Bandit.  Hiding in his fort.

We had a beautiful time in Vail celebrating the Mourning nuptials with some of our oldest and closest friends.    I was enjoying every second of our relaxing time away so much that I forgot to take more pictures!

Library is our favorite place to escape the heat!
 Waiting so patiently at the doctors office.  If only he knew what was waiting for him...
Wrestle Mania is becoming a more and more frequent occurrence. They giggle so hard!
 Boys in hats.

The "bucket hat" was popular for a few days.

During our "anniversary extravaganza" weekend we took the boys to SMS to watch our friends play in the annual alumni soccer game.  Billy and I went to the same high school...just not at the same time (Class of '95 and Class of '00, respectively).  We loved showing Max part of our history.  And Winstead's for lunch was in order of course.  Max helped me surprise Billy by playing "All The Way" by Frank Sinatra on the jukebox.  It's one of our oldest "songs" and also the inscription Billy had engraved on my wedding band.

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