Thursday, September 27, 2012

Beautiful Messes

After I tuck the boys in for their afternoon nap I usually go back downstairs to survey the mess we made in the first half of the day and start the process of undoing hours worth of damage/destruction inflicted on every corner of our main level.  I mean, toddler "clean up" time can only restore things to a certain point, you know?  If I'm being honest...sometimes I take one look at it, sigh, and head back upstairs to my bed for a nap too.
How about a little before/after visual of what I'm talking about...
 The picture on the left was taken at 8:47am.  The picture on the right was taken at approximately 8:54am.  The mini tornadoes had already moved into the living room.  Now try to picture what this room looks like by 1:30pm.  Scary, right?

However, on the day the below photos were taken I was feeling a little sentimental about the little messes I found.  Partially because I just needed to have a positive perspective on the state my house was in.  But mostly because I realized the mess is proof that my sons are truly living, experiencing and learning.  We genuinely have FUN every day.  And because I know them both so well I can look around the house and tell who made which mess like an expert crime scene investigator.  So I decided to document the disaster instead of cleaning it.

Exhibit A:  Laundry.
I think it physically pains Sullivan to see anything in a neatly stacked pile.  Especially folded laundry.  As you can see from the fury with which he flung the clothes on the floor...folded laundry really pushes his buttons.

Exhibit B:  TP
I didn't witness this mess being made first hand and it could be either of my sons since toilet paper unraveling is very enticing to both of them.  But I'm going to go with Max on this one for two reasons.  1) You can't see from this picture but a portion of the roll is torn into individual pieces...he's obsessed with tearing the paper perfectly.  2)  His little orange dinosaur is wrapped delicately in TP at the bottom of the photo.  Max is a very caring and nurturing little guy who loves to take care of his "babies"

Exhibit C: General destruction/disorganization
If it is placed in something, Sullivan wants it out.  This is clearly Sullivan's work.

Exhibit D:  Hording toys.   
Max sets up all his favorite toys and reads to them.  Usually tucked away in a corner that I'll neglect straightening for a few days since its not in my direct line of sight.

And then there are some messes I actually don't mind. Hand prints on the glass and stainless steel appliances.  They remind me how tiny my babies really are.
Looking out a window through a toddler smugged filter makes the world seem a little more innocent.  A little less urgent.  And much more precious.  
Seeing my reflection in a mirror covered in tiny finger prints makes me judge the body I see in it a little less.  And even offer myself a few kind words as the prints remind me why things aren't the same as they used to be ;)  And why it's worth it.  

I feel lucky that I get to view myself and the world through tiny, greasy, hand prints.

I'll get around to cleaning up.  Wiping away the little hand prints that are just a tiny bit bigger than the ones I wiped away last week.  Refolding the laundry and picking dried play dough out of the rug (how does it end up in the living room??).  But only once we're done enjoying these sweet little messes.

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  1. Sara Marie...once bring joyful tears to my eyes!!! What beautiful observations from an incredible mother and daughter. I love you so much!