Monday, October 15, 2012

Real Life Moments: September

September was a good month.  Max started school again (twice a week this year!) and we have established a bit of a better routine around here now that there is more of a weekly schedule.

We said goodbye to the last warm summer days and started gearing up for all the fall fun ahead.  September has always been one of my favorite months, even though there's nothing in particular to look forward to.  These happy days alone will do...

First Day of School:
Max was having a hard time smiling knowing Sullivan was so upset in the background. 
This is the pose he gave me after I said "Just act natural..." :)
The candid shot usually turns out best...
Max helped me glue letters on the vase and arrange the flowers for Ms. Annie's "First Day of School" teacher gift. We love his new teacher!
Living up the sandbox while the days are still warm.
Sand and water...what more can kids ask for on a nice day outdoors?

Maybe some sidewalk chalk...
FYI:  Two little boys require two MATCHING sippy cups and two SEPARATE buckets of chalk. These are the rules. Do not try to negotiate with them.
Max says he's "workin'".   Thanks Mimi and Pop Pop for the work bench!  Maybe there will be a handy Murray boy in the family after all! ;)
Watching Dad mow.  One of his favorite summer activities.

We took the boys to their first Royals game of the year late in the season.  Max is at such a fun age to take him to things like this. Seeing him with his glove and "binoculators" and clapping whenever the rest of the crowd did is just so adorable.  He couldn't take his eyes off the field or the Megatron.
As we left the game I suddenly realized that I hadn't even looked at the field.  I was just soaking in my boys enjoying the ball game.  Sullivan was mostly interested in the food...that was on the ground. And seeing what the seats tasted like.  He joined in on the clapping though.

Sullivan sitting with Uncle Matt and Aunt Een.

Max is my funny little guy.  He certainly is his own person...with lots of his own ideas...
Max went to the bathroom to wash his hands before lunch.  I went to check on him since he was taking a suspicious amount of time. He had decided to take off all his clothes and wash his hair with hand soap!  Good thing my camera is never far...:)
Max said he's practicing "for the snow to be here".  No look is cooler than snow boots paired with pajama shorts.
 And then there's this guy whose level of cuteness should not even be allowed...
He loves his Riff-Raffe the Giraffe.
Just crusin'.
 A little trip to Ottawa for Josh and Jocelyn's "local" wedding reception.
Godson and Godfather in gingham.
Too cool Max & Julia.
Aunt Een teaching Max fire safety.
Partying right past bedtime!  We were having too much fun listening to the band...
Back to board meetings.  Now that school is back in session our monthly ECLC board meetings have started up again.  It's always a race against time to finish business before they get to the bottom of the bag of toys!

Max thinks they're called "board meetings" because there's a white board in the room...
Max and Evey tend to their own important business and are oblivious to the meeting going on behind them :)
Lolli and I took the boys to see the "Bark, George!" puppet show.  They loved every minute of it...especially Sullivan much to my surprise.   We even got to make our own puppet at the end of the show!
That's about it for September!  So many wonderful real life memories.

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