Friday, April 6, 2012

Update: 8 Months

Sullivan Michael!  Here we are again...another monthly update! 

Here are a few fun things you're doing now:

- You are officially mobile.  You haven't done the traditional crawl yet, but you have no trouble getting where you want to go with a combination of scooching, inching and rolling.

- You've got so much rhythm!  Whenever you hear music you bounce and clap to the beat.  I'll turn on music just to watch you pause...drop your toy...and start bouncing and clapping :)

- You say "momma"!  I would normally think that its one of those vowel sounds babies make indiscriminately but you only say it when you need something so I know it's meant for me ;)  When you're hungry, when you wake up with a dirty diaper and when your teeth hurt you say it loud and clear over and over until I answer.

- Your bottom two teeth are taking forever to come through and you're not happy about it.  You never full-on cry over it, but you'll stick your bottom lip out really far and say "mommmaaa"  Breaks my mommy heart.  I'm sure those little bunny teeth will be here in time for Easter though!

-  You're eating finger foods now.  Just small pieces of banana, pears and avocado.  It's hard to believe we'll soon be leaving puree's behind.

- You are getting interested in pulling up on furniture which reminds me that walking is right around the corner too.

- You understand little phrases like "Where's Max?" and "Put the block in the box."  Smart dude :)

All of these things and so much more my littlest man.    I know they're all ordinary baby milestones, but they feel so extra ordinary when I watch you do them.

My whole heart,
"Hmm...has this sign been here all along?  How did it take me 8 months to notice it?"

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