Monday, April 9, 2012


Another memorable holiday in the books for the Murray family.  It was Sullivan's first Easter.  I keep trying to imagine the little boy he'll be next year...walking and talking.  It's weird how you can never picture them any other age than they are at any given moment.  As with all holidays, there are many layers of traditions that take place...

The Prep (coloring eggs, fun treats, visiting The Bunny)
(Making SMEEPS!, glitter eggs, a visit to Crown Center and a terrifying encounter with the creepiest bunny ever.)

Pre-Easter brunch and Egg Hunt
(We have a brunch at my parents the day before Easter so the kids (and us big kids!) can get their treats from Lolli & Boobo.)

Easter morning (baskets, egg hunt and church)
(Max's Basket: wooden rainbow puzzle, Carrot Cake playdough, hopping bunny, a "busy" page I made for him with velcro and felt cut outs, egg shaped chalk, Bunny Bars and a "cheddar bunny" carrot and a book.  Sullivan's Basket: felted chick and egg, handmade rattle bunny with chewable ears, wooden push bunny, a couple bunny books and a sweet potato puff "carrot".  The boys did really great at Easter Mass at Visitation too!)

Meyers Family Easter
(Went to Lolli & Boobo's for the big extended family celebration on Easter!)

Murray Family Easter
(Easter dinner and egg hunt at the Murray's.  We also celebrated MiMi's birthday and cousin Brandon's birthday!)

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