Saturday, April 14, 2012


No matter how well lit the photos of my little stinkers look or how organized this blog makes me seem I am most often times overwhelmed, disorganized and fully frazzled.

Aren't most moms?  (please say yes. please say yes.) 

Aren't we all doing the best we can for these littles that we love?  We want to give them the best.  But when we give them our best its enough.  Love.  Attention.  A bit of structure and consistency.  I truly believe this is the best recipe for turning these little cavemen into the best people they can be. (We'll see how my theory turns out in about 20-30 years :) 

Every once in awhile I'll encounter a "mean mom"...the ones that make you feel like they do it all better in half the time.  It makes my stomach hurt when I run into someone like that.  I like to think that as mom's we're connected and have so much to share with each other...we have enough of our own thoughts of imperfection without someone else piping in with how they NEVER let their child watch TV or how they NEVER let their child have sugar.  I have exposed Max to both and I'm confident that he's going to be just fine.  I believe in a happy medium...and I believe there's more than one right way to raise a well-adjusted child.

The mom's I choose to surround myself with are the ones who openly admit that they don't always know what's best, but are doing their best.  I appreciate their flaws, because I'm very aware of mine.  Parenting is challenging at times and I don't expect it to get any easier any time soon.

As Augusten Burroughs says, "I like flaws and feel more comfortable around people who have them. I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions.”

And I just think about that when I encounter someone who tries with all their might to hide theirs.

It's liberating to admit weaknesses.  How exhausting would it be to try and cover them up all the time?

My dear boys, I will give as much as I can to you every single day and will do it with the very best intentions. I know you'll be just fine.  My whole heart, Momma

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