Sunday, April 29, 2012

More Details & Exciting Updates on "Moms Helping Moms"

This baby was a day old when the photo was taken. His mother died during childbirth. Two of his aunts are raising him. One breastfeeds the baby while the other (pictured) will raise him as her own.
The number of individual messages and emails I've received since writing this post is amazing.  There has been an outpouring of support and offers for supply donations both locally and from people out of state.  I think we're going to be able to do something very impactful with this little event we're throwing together.

FAQ:  How do these items help?  What are they used for?
Clean Birth Kit specifics:
1. Soap (for the birth attendant to wash her hands). We'll use a hotel-size soap or cut a regular bar of soap into 1/8-sized pieces.
2. One pair of plastic gloves (for the birth attendant to wear).
3. Five 3"x3" squares of gauze (to clean the momma's perineum and baby’s eyes).
4. One blade (to cut the cord). You can buy individually wrapped sterile blades at the drug store or buy utility blades (much cheaper) at the hardware store.  The women are taught to boil the blades for sterilization, so utility blades work just fine.
5. Three 10 inch pieces of string (2 for tying the cord, 1 for “just in case”)
6. One plastic sheet (for a clean birthing surface). Plastic dropcloths can be purchased at a hardware or paint store.  We'll cut them to size: 1 yard x 1 yard.

You can read more about the women of Papua New Guinea HERE and Clean Birth Kits HERE.

Exciting developments since my last post...

- We've been contacted by KCTV 5!  They're interested in covering the kit packing party.  Stay tuned. 

- We'll be holding a raffle for an exciting prize (or prizes) on the day of the event for those who participate in helping pack the kits.  We're still in the process of  putting together the details, but if you're signed up to help on May 12th you could go home with something fabulous!

When:  Saturday, May 12th from 2pm-4pm
Where: The Vintage House 7612 W 80th ST OP, KS 66204

If you haven't signed up yet and would like to help please email me or post a comment below.  I also have an event set up on FB that you can join.  Hope to see you!

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