Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Never-ending Halloween

There's no way I would have tolerated all of this carrying on with Halloween celebrations prior to having kids. I never had an interest in the holiday.  There were many years that I'd purchase the last bag of candy on the shelf as the sun set on October 31st.

Now, its embarrassing to admit that the boys Halloween costumes were decided on and pulled together by July.  I mean...don't be too impressed...they were the easiest costumes ever.  But, the point is I was excited and ready for Halloween really early.  
And my Candy Bandits loved their costumes...

And then my sister told me my niece was going to be Tinkerbelle for Halloween and I couldn't help but orchestrate a second Halloween costume for the boys.  Peter Pan and Hook made an appearance the weekend prior to Halloween at the Deanna Rose "Night of the Living Farm".
I cannot sew or bake, but I can make just about anything with a glue gun.  Quite a worthless talent in general, but it comes in handy around the holidays.  Between projects for the nursery and Halloween I've gone through a 20 pack of hot glue sticks in the past few weeks :)

Dance party.

Then there was BMA Boo Bash and school parties.  Making crafts and play group snacks and decorating pumpkins...it just doesn't stop.

Bowling at BMA Boo Bash.
Bandits get-away car.

Max wanted to chose his costume for the school party.  His options were the Candy Bandit costume, Peter Pan or choose something from the dress-up box.  He decided on his Buzz Lightyear costume from the dress up box...
Max and his friend Gus.

Max loves Daniela.  She's one of his "favorite friends" he says :)

Sullivan's class didn't dress up since they don't really know what's going on ;)  The just did a few snacks, a craft and games.

He was really enjoying his marshmellow "spider" snack more than this picture illustrates...

Making a mummy takes a lot of concentration.
More crafts!
Making Frankenstein with Nora and Aunt Colleen.
Sullivan helping pack snacks for our playgroup friends.
Pumpkin bread and jack-o-lantern oranges. 

And only THEN was it actual Halloween!!

The boys were so excited to see what their Spooky Breakfast was all about the morning of Halloween.
Dad helping with vampire teeth.
 And I used to cringe at the thought of dressing up for Halloween, but my friend Erin gave me this idea to dress up as a cooked turkey.  And once again, a little felt and a glue gun goes a long way...

We spent Halloween trick-or-treating with cousins (and cousins of cousins) and the boys had a blast.  They were the youngest and felt so cool among the older kiddos.

Cousin Brandon helping Sullivan trick-or-treat.  We're so lucky to have such a sweet big boy cousin :)

Sullivan loves his Uncle Sean.  They scored a full size Peanut M&M!
 We had a great Halloween month.  I kept telling the boys all summer that the baby would be here "after Halloween was over" and now that we've passed that benchmark they're on high alert.  They talk every day about how the baby will be here soon!  I love how excited they are.  The countdown to the next big family event has started...

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