Friday, October 28, 2011

Block Party

This is where you will grow up.  On a friendly street in an old neighborhood...

We loaded up the wagon with our chairs, canned goods for Harvesters and the mini-cooler.

We had to bring the ball!

"Hey, wait up, Dad!"

You loved these girls!  Your Dad gave them $10 because they spent so much time playing with you ;)   We now have a couple great neighborhood babysitters!

We had a great time at our first block party.  These old-school traditions are something we want so much for you kids to experience and look forward to. 

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Super Dad

My dear boys,

You have one stellar man for father.  Below are just a few examples of what I mean.

Every afternoon when Dada gets home from work you ask him "Play!?!"  and he drops everything at the door.  One afternoon you coaxed him outside as you often do.  When I peeked out the back door to see what you guys were up to I saw this hilarious sight in the driveway... 
He has a hard time saying no to you.  After looking at this picture again, though, it strikes me that this might have been HIS idea. ;)
Your Dad is nothing if not dedicated.  To us and to his job.  Here he is typing a work email one handed while holding you just because you wanted "up!".

If he takes off in the morning before you wake up, he leaves little surprise drawings and/or notes for you to find on the chalkboard wall.  I read them to you and you point at the pictures.  It's a happy way to start your day.

Sullivan, your Dad makes special time for you in the evening.  He gives you your one bottle of the day followed by a spirited discussion and/or staring contest.  

Everything he does is with you both in the forefront of his mind.  Even his decision to run the half marathon every year is because of you two boys.  He says he hopes to to teach you that setting goals and pushing yourself to do things that challenge your mind and body are important.  Its obviously a little early for that message to be received, but I know its something you will learn from him over the years. 

You will learn that you have so many reasons to be proud of your Dad. 

Here are a few pictures of you two cheering him on at the most recent race...

Dada stopped mid-race to give you guys a hug and a high-five.

And then he was gone.  You were a little confused about why he was running :)

Max, one of my favorite features that you inherited from Dada is that irresistible gap between your two front teeth!
This is when we were on our way down to the plaza to watch the race.  Pretty excited!  Maybe its because I promised you pancakes from Classic Cup for breakfast :)

Sullivan, you were just snuggled up trying to keep warm and being cute :)

I hear your father tell you both that he loves you every single day and it melts my heart.  Don't ever doubt the strength of his love for you.  You truly have a Super Dad.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Billy dancing Sullivan to sleep... 

We love this time at night when we get to spend some quality time with our little guy.  We take turns slow dancing to old records with him.  He loves music and its the number one thing that soothes him.  Usually he's out like a light after one song.  This particular night he was WIDE awake and talking.  Either way it's a perfect way to end our day...

Monday, October 17, 2011


These four little letters jumped out at me from the colorful mess Max made on the floor. 
 This babe is the huggable, squishable meaning of the word. 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Fall Fun

Why do fall leaves make me so happy?  I love being surrounded by huge, old trees.  I know they can be a mess for the yard and gutters, but walking under a canopy of red and yellow leaves feels so cozy.

Our new neighborhood is really quiet during the weekdays.  We stroll down the sidewalks, but I feel like we could walk down the middle of the street its so quiet.  We listen to the leaves crunch under the stroller wheels and the muffled sound of dogs barking from inside their houses.  The streets are completely still except for maybe a few other passing strollers.

My little guys and I have a secret spot around the corner from our house.  Its a small island with a fountain that Max loves to throw sticks in.  We take books and snacks and just hang out. This day we collected leaves on our walk.  Plus Max got a new book about fall that we hadn't read yet.

Collecting leaves in his baggie

Had fun dumping the leaves on his head.

 I've also been getting creative in the kitchen.  Not sure what to call these...Pancake-Apples?  We just corred green apples and dipped them in pancake batter that I spiked with cinnamon and nutmeg.
Happier now that he gets to eat while I cook

NOT impressed with my "cooking show" (Jen, that's for you ;)

I gave him powdered sugar, honey and maple syrup for dipping.  Max loved his breakfast treat!

Monday, October 10, 2011

How is this my life?
The handsome one with our little stinkers.
I look at these little boys and wonder how I was chosen to be their mother. And how did the most generous and handsome man I know choose me to be his wife? These are questions I may never fully get an answer to, but I often have to pinch myself when I witness a moment like the one pictured above.

Now that Sullivan is here and has turned out to be such a good baby I feel like I've hit the parenthood jackpot yet again. But I guess all of us parents have. Each of our babies are made just for us. Made from us. How lucky are we all for the babes in our lives?

Friday, October 7, 2011

The 2-Month Rundown

Sullivan and his mile-wide smile...

Dear Sullivan,

You are such a smilely, happy (and might I add devilishly handsome) baby!  My heart skips a beat when you flash those gums at me. 

If I haven't said it before, I will say it are the best surprise we could have ever asked for.  I can't imagine our lives with out you.

For the past few days you've slept from 7pm until 4am.  Keep it up buddy!  I can feel myself regaining sanity with each extra hour of sleep :)

My whole heart,

Below are some pictures of our trip to Grandma Murray's office.  I had him in a really cute outfit, but he promptly spit up all over it.  Thank goodness for back-up clothes.

"Welp, Dr. Kate says I'm just perfect.  Time to go now, right?"

"Um, what are those sharp things?"

" could you let them!"

"Stop taking pictures.  We seriously need to talk about this."

"I guess I can pose for one more shot."
(sorry for the obnoxious baby narration, but I can't help myself)
14 lbs 10 oz
24 1/4 inches long
97th percentile!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My little bumble bee...

This video makes me so happy.   I replaced the audio with this sweet music because (in spite of Max's enthusiasm) the band playing in the background was horrendous. 

My favorite part is toward the end when he looks right into the camera and you can see him yell "Momma!" like he's having the best time of his whole little life.  Pure joy on that darling face.  Oh, and the part where he picks up the stray rock and puts it back in its place.  So random :)

Oh, Maxman, how could I love you more than I already do?!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The leaves are changing

We've been busy celebrating autumn.  I love this time of year, but I'm starting to realize how much we rely on the outdoors for entertainment.  I'm already dreading winter when Max says "momma ow-side?" and I have to tell him its too cold.  No more sidewalk chalk, bubbles or walks to the park.  What will I do with this boy!?

For now we're living up every nice day we have.  Its starting to feel like a race against time with the days getting noticeably shorter and shorter. 

We spend Tuesday mornings with the Brookside Mom's playgroup.  We decided to met at the zoo last week and Max was in heaven. 
The kids played on the playground for a bit.
Then we saw the kangaroos in Austrailia.  Max was mesmerized and spent the next couple days "hopping" around the house.
We also got out some fall clothes since a few days were pretty chilly.  Nothing cuter than jeans and a hoodie!

Last Friday we went to Deanna Rose Farmstead.
We bottle fed the goats.
Max was pretty brave...

Going down the slide with Aunt Jenni
And he was ready to go down again...
Sullivan rode down with us in the Baby Bjorn :)
Max took selecting his pumpkin very seriously.

We took the boys down to the Plaza Art Fair on Friday evening with Aunt Erin & Uncle Matt.  
EB got Max a pink (his choice :) balloon dog..

It was so cute to watch Max wait patiently with his dollar :)
Loved his pink woof-woof
He loved going down by the water.  I think Aunt Erin finally won Max's heart! ;)