Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Boxes and Blogs

Dear Max & Sullivan,
This may come as a surprise to you, but before there were blogs...there were boxes.

Under the lids of multiple plastic boxes stacked high in the basement and behind the covers of quite a few scrapbooks is the story of your momma's childhood, the beginning of a love story between your father and myself and the start of our young family.  So many pieces packed away and waiting to be rediscovered someday.

I've kept a little bit of everything. I learned from the best...your Lolli is a master at cataloging, saving and preserving memories. When your father and I were early in our relationship, I spent my time organizing our memorabilia. Saving ticket stubs and flower petals and napkins and notes. 

I like having a tangible reminder of the past. Proof that it existed. Life and love so real that I can actually hold it in my hands.  But for the space and logistics that these physical memories require it's nice to have the limitless capacity of a blog to hold your treasures.
This is not to say you boys don't have tangible memory boxes as well.  In fact they're already too full of yearly scrapbooks and random memorabilia, but this is the most organized version of all those things in one place.

The reason I have this blog and what all of this "hyper-documenting" of your lives really boils down to is that I'm supremely aware of the finite amount of time I have while you kiddos are little. This is probably the shortest phase of life that I'll experience with you in the scheme of things. Your future friends and life experiences are all out there awaiting a share of your attention.  Right now I'm lucky to be witness to nearly every wonderous moment in your lives.

So, I’ve decided to throw everything I’ve got at this. I happily exist as the center of your world for this small window of time and I won't miss a single opportunity to capture it. 

my whole heart,

Monday, January 7, 2013

Real Life Moments: Holiday Edition

aka the "monthly iPhone and camera dump". 
I missed November's RLM post, so I decided to combine November and December into one. 

Here's what we were doing when we were not stuffing our faces with food or checking traditions off our to-do list in the past two months....
A warm early-November day at the zoo with Aunt Jenni & Annabelle.
Horseback riding at Annabelle's 2nd bday.
I love my days with Sullivan.  We had about 30 minutes to spare before Max got out of school so I pulled over on a nearby tree-lined street so we could play in the leaves.  Sully was thrilled :)
Another warm November day.  An impromptu garage sale at our house.  Max was wearing Billy's old football helmet.  He takes bike safety seriously.  Our special guy kept our garage sale shoppers entertained :)
Fun with brother's undies while I *attempt* to fold laundry.
The boys playing "pilgrims".  We read our new library book about Thanksgiving the night before.  The next morning Max decided to set up some pillows and pretend they were on the Mayflower.  He made sure the book and his toilet paper roll telescope were also on board.  I love his imagination.

Aunt Een and the boys helping with the Christmas lights.  We had to be ready for the big reveal on Thanksgiving night.  Plus we wanted to take advantage of more unseasonably warm weather.  Short sleeves at night in late November?!
Sullivan meeting his little tree for the first time the day after Thanksgiving.
Max got to go to the circus with Lolli and Boobo which left us alone with Sullivan for the evening.  We built a fire in the chiminea and read lots and lots of books (his new favorite activity).  It was nice to have the one on one time.
Hamming it up at the Dr's office.  I had just given him some Tylenol to prepare for the fussy baby that I've come to expect after shots. He had no idea what was in store for him...
Two little monkey's jumping (and wrestling) on the bed.

A little after-breakfast painting on the chalkboard.  Water+paint brushes = endless fun.
Indoor playground day!  The boys love the cars and are usually (surprisingly) happy to share the same one.
Library days!  We hit up the plaza library usually twice a week.  So many books and fun things to do!
Sullivan's obsession with the record player continues.  He now knows how to turn it on by himself and open the cabinet to select records. 
Felt Christmas trees were a hit.  Sullivan had to take a snack break after working on his.  Such hard work.
We invited Max's school friend, London, over for a play date.  They decorated "Christmas trees".
So focused on their work.
This scarf.  Max took it off one of his stuffed animals and since then both of the boys want to wear it at all times. 
Max insists on wearing it to school.
After decorating a little Christmas tree with London, Max decided he was ready to tackle decorating a full Gingerbread house.
The boys snuggling in their "fort" full of stuffed animals.
Sullivan oddly likes enclosed spaces.  He loves hanging out in the laundry shoot?!
And in dog kennels at our friend's house??  The first time I saw this I thought one of the older kids had put him in there.  Just turns out that he'd prefer to hang out in there. With the door closed.
Sledding round 2.  Sullivan is perfectly happy in the long as absolutely NONE of it touches him.  He's happy to ride in the sled though.
Games are serious business these days.  They will play this Picnic Game for hours and hours.  Thanks Cousin Cade for the awesome gift!!