Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our happy miracle

The news about baby #2 has now been made public. After 14 weeks of keeping it to ourselves and only revealing the news to our nearest and dearest, it feels good to have it out in the open. Everyday I'm feeling more and more excited. And unlike my pregnancy with Max, this time around I fully comprehend the joy a child brings which makes the anticipation even greater.

The first and most logical question/statement I get from people is, "I'm assuming this is a surprise baby?" (More often said without the question mark at the end:) I just smile and say, yes. But if I had more energy I would give them the long version of what is really in my heart.

When we think of all of the things that had to fall into place for us to be in this "situation" it truly is a miracle. We "tried" for Max. Although we didn't have to try hard it still felt like the planning on our part, or our whole-hearted wish for him was what brought him into our lives. This time around, however, it feels like a true gift. Unexpected and wonderful. Not that one baby is more of a blessing than the other, their way of presenting themselves in our lives was just very different.

Lately I've been thanking God for making this possible in spite of our initial resistance. I love being reminded that life will unfold itself as it should, regardless of our efforts to control it. And so, we follow. We have opened ourselves up to the true miracle of our circumstance. A new life growing. Another reason to be alive. A second little bundle of pure joy to add to our family.

Here is the link we sent to family members to announce our news back in December :)