Wednesday, November 6, 2013

One more...

Here we go again.  This baby could arrive any time now and the reality of what we signed up for is setting in.  The boys are pretty independent and (relatively) reasonable little people these days.  We're in a solid routine and we're comfortable with the way our family operates.  However, we're getting ready to be back at the beginning again.

And, honestly, I can't wait.  Trust me, I know there will be "those (insert: exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating) moments".  But there is so much I'm looking forward to.

I'm ready for one more season of sleepless nights and baby baths and fumbling with those onesie snaps.  A first bottle from Dadda and a smile for momma.  Rocking, shh-ing and swaying until my lower back aches.  The feeling that you can't imagine your life without that little person in your arms even though you just met.

Before I had my children I had no idea that being a momma was what I was made for.  
Billy and I always say its a little scary how the more kids we have, the more kids we seem to want. 

When it comes to growing our family my heart has no interest in practicality.  I feel like I'll always want one more.  Even at the end of pregnancy, uncomfortable and so ready to meet my little one, I know I'd be more than up for doing this again.

We have no idea how our family will end up looking once its complete, but this next little one is another piece to our puzzle.  

I cannot wait to see who God has picked for our family.
37 weeks and nearly a family of five.
Photo taken by my mom as we walked up the street for dinner a couple weeks ago. 

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