Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Max's 2nd Birthday Carnival

Ok, so last year I said that over-the-top parties would only apply to first birthdays.  And I now have to shuffle my feet awkwardly and admit that...I lied.  I didn't mean to!  It's just that I LOVE parties.  I love the details and the memories they create.  That's really the best part...the memories and then having pictures of loved ones celebrating together that last forever.  I know Max is still too young to remember, but I hope he sees these photos and knows that 1) his momma put so much heart and thought into his birthday and 2)  he is surrounded by many people who adore him and want to be a part of his life.

Like every mom I wanted my baby's birthday to be perfect.  A well-rested, happy boy who is gracious to his guests, smiles for the camera and decor that does not fail.

*insert record scratch here*

The letters fell off my signs almost immediately (mental note: use wood glue next time), half of the cupcakes fell out of the ferris wheel baskets and Max politely told most of his guests "no, thanks." when they wanted a hug or even a high-five.  But he WAS extremely happy and excited to play with his cousins and be surrounded by everyone he loves.  He had a blast.  I finally got the cupcake situation worked out and at least I got a few pics prior to the signs falling apart.  It was such a fun and memorable party.  And that's what its all about.

Take a look at the memories we created...
These are just a few shots that were taken in my homemade photo booth :)  I had a poloroid camera so everyone could take home a silly photo as a souvenier.

Homemade fishy soaps.  So easy and probably a better option than live fish :)

Since Max's first birthday I had been trying to think of a way to incorporate a "Time Capsule" at his 2nd bday. Being a carnival theme, I thought a fortune teller angle would be a good way to tie it in. I want him to open this on his 18th birthday and read the notes from all the people who love and believe in him so much.  I hope it gives him confidence before he heads off to college and helps him to realize he can be whatever he wants to be.  No matter what he is loved.
Annabelle and Max playing Ring Toss.
Corn dogs, funnel cakes, popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy and just for a healthy option...fruit kabobs.

Cool guy on his new roadster. 
He LOVED having everyone sing to him.  He just looked around at all his guests with a very pleased look on his face.  And he blew out the candle in one breath!

Sullivan partied in his ferris wheel onesie.  He loves a theme just as much as his momma.
And a HUGE thank you to all of  our guests who brought items to donate to the Ronald McDonald House.  Max is really excited about dropping off our contribution soon.  He keeps pointing to the big stack of stuff and saying "Momma, kid's hospital?"  Max is such a lucky little guy.


  1. This is so insanely cut Sara! What lucky kids to have a mom like you!

  2. Aww! He is so adorable. This is the best way to celebrate a kid’s birthday. I was looking for one of the San Francisco venues for celebrating my nephew’s birthday next month and I think I came across an amazing post. I got so many cool ideas for the party.