Monday, December 27, 2010

Set another place at the table, folks!

Yep. Our little "party of three" is about to become a party of FOUR. Billy and I feel a little sheepish about this turn of events. We can't say that we're 100% surprised, but we weren't exactly planning on expanding our family so soon. We have a lot on our plates right now and Max is giving us a run for our money every day, but we're so happy about this news. We feel lucky that someone upstairs thinks we're good enough at this parenting gig to bless us with another kid so quickly ;)

We have sat up many nights after Max is tucked in bed discussing the number of kids we want and the fact that our hearts are overflowing with love and how we need to be sure to make good use of it. We were just recently deciding between having kids close together or spreading them out a couple years since we can see obvious advantages in both routes, but now the decision has been made for us! As much as I like to plan I do love it when fate intervenes and takes control of things. Message received...I, in fact, am not in charge. Murray Baby #2 will be arriving mid-August, just in time for our 6 year anniversary.

the Murrays

Note to readers: I'll still be updating up until Baby #2 is born.

Note to self: explore more effective birth control options as soon as this little one arrives.