Friday, July 5, 2013

A room fit for big brothers.

It wasn't long ago I posted the below pictures of Max's room in our "new" home.  We were just weeks away from welcoming his baby brother and I quickly put together his new digs.
 Now, just two years later, that baby brother is rapidly catching up to Max and they're best friends.  Even if we didn't have a third baby on the way we'd be putting them in a shared room.  They're inseparable and beg us to let them sleep in the same room every night.  They finally got their wish.  The transition was surprisingly smooth.
  We bought a bunk bed from Ikea, but decided to leave Sullivan in a crib for awhile longer.  I like to keep them contained as long as I can :)  In fact, Max being on the top bunk is a great solution for still keeping him contained.  He won't get out of the bed unless we come get him :)  Once Sullivan starts trying to climb out of the crib, we'll move him to the bottom bunk.   But for now, he's not even two yet...and Max moved to a big boy bed at 3 1/ we'll see how long we can go!

I'm really happy with the way their new room turned out even though nothing really matches.  In fact, the more random stuff I added to the room, the more I liked it.  I see it as a take a pile of seemingly unrelated items from different places and making them look like a cohesive, curated space.

My favorite thing about this room (and our home in general) is that most pieces have a story behind it. I love the feeling of living among the things that really make us, "us".

The stained glass pieces below are gifts to each of the boys from my parents.  They had them made for each grandbaby.  Max's is the Murray family crest...his name is written inside the lock in the middle.  The horse hanging in the corner and the pillow are from GG.

My Uncle Kent, who passed away when I was in elementary school, painted the Indian in the canoe when he was in school.
Billy gave me the below poster last year because it has the name "Byron" on the drum, which is my Grampa's name. 
The "Max's Kansas City" poster below was a 1st bday gift to Max from one of my best friends, Jocelyn.

The boys love to sit on the top bunk together.  Max was so excited that I hung his little flashlight where he could reach it easily at night if he "needs" it :)

 I decided to use old wooden hangers to hang the artwork after pricing out the cost to get all of the prints in the room matted and framed.  I think Plan B actually turned out better anyway.

 Now that the boys are comfortable and happy in their custom momma-designed room...on to decorating the NURSERY for new baby!  
Here's a sample of a few things I've pulled together so far.  The colors are grey, mint green, pale yellow (and we'll add some pastel purple in there if its a girl)

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