Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sullivan's Backyard Beach BBQ

Ok, last post on this topic!  Sully, you spoiled little stinker, you've gotten to dominate nearly every single post this month thus far.  But I cannot NOT post pictures of your big party.  You sure are one special little guy...
You're lucky to have a summer birthday.  We were able to invite lots of people since we planned an outdoor party.  I love mixing friends, old and new, with family, neighbors, etc.  I breathed a huge sigh of relief when I realized that the rain was going to stay away!  I absolutely loved planning this party.  It was to celebrate you, it was to honor all of our friends and family who are such an important part of our lives and to show appreciation for our playgroup friends who have watched you grow every week and were such a huge help when you were born bringing meals, etc.  It was a big "we made it through the first year!"  celebration and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

Bubbles greeted guests at the front door.
The kids received sand buckets with goodies as favors. For the bar tables I painted old, wine stained table cloths with a beach ball on them to cover the stains :). Gram helped with the buffet....I tried to make the fruit tray into the shape of a beach ball, but I doubt if anyone noticed ;).  In lieu of gifts we collected OVER 70 new and used books from everyone to give to underprivileged KC children!
The kids loved playing in the big beach ball sprinkler, baby pool and with the water table.
"Sullivan's Sea" was the sidewalk chalk area.  The kiddos had fun drawing fish, sharks and boats.
Digging for sea shells and treasure in the sand!
I set up a table that had Sully's first year scrapbook, a hard copy of our blog with entries going back to when we found out I was pregnant with Sullivan and a guest page for everyone to leave their "fish print".
I promised myself that I'd always make my children's first bday "smash cakes".  I made a little treasure chest for Max's first birthday pirate party and I made this little beach ball for Sullivan.  I'm 2 for 2 so far :) The beach ball cake pop, however, where outsourced!

Cake time!  He had his smash cake AND a cake pop!  These pictures need no words.
Clean up time in the baby pool!
You can't go wrong with a few big red balloons...
Left to right:  1) BooBo & Sully 2) The regulars. 3) Some of our play group girls...Suzie, Caroline and Max grilling. 3) Mimi and Sullivan.  4) GG and Sullivan.  5) Lolli & Annabelle.  6) A couple playgroup momma's Jessica and Katie.
 Thus concludes the first birthday extravaganza!  You are worth every bit of it my sweet Sullivan ;)

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