Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall So Far

We've been living up the fall season and keeping very busy the past couple weeks.  Here's what our fall has looked like so far...


Showing off his homemade pizza.  The boys were proud of their creation :)
Dance party!  My man loves to dance.

We took quick baths then made popcorn, hot chocolate and watched "Toy Story of Terror"
Snugs with Daddy.
Keeping warm by the fireplace.


Billy surprised the boys one afternoon with setting the tent up.  They were happy to help Daddy with the finishing touches.
The tent was a successg.  We had our bedtime stories in the tent all weekend.  Spooky Halloween books and shadow puppets each night. 


Billy bungie-corded their little folding chairs to the back of their tricycles to take down the street.
Ready to roll!

Dinner with some of our fantastic neighbors.  And a few of Max and Sully's favorite neighborhood ladies...Carley, Marissa. and Carley's mom Teri.
When we moved here we didn't realize how how great of a street we were becoming a part of.  So many wonderful people and a great tradition for the boys to look forward to each fall.  Watching them play in the street with the other neighborhood kids brings so much happiness to my old soul.


The boys loved hanging out in the Harpo's tent and playing their harmonica for guests :)


Sullivan is here!  A fun outing to Johnson Farms.
On the hayride.
Max and I have been talking a lot lately about how people are different.  He's started noticing different skin colors, abilities, accents...and has been asking many innocent and interesting questions :)  When he came up to me holding this funny looking pumpkin I was surprised that he chose it.  But he told me he picked it because "there's nothing wrong with it even though its different looking from the others."   I've never been more proud of a pumpkin...or my little punkin'. 
The boys playing in the "Sand Bus" at the pumpkin farm.
Another pumpkin outing with Annabelle to Deanna Rose!
Brothers holding hands on the train.
More pumpkins!


A fun get-together with our neighborhood at the Fountain Park.  The boys were already in jammies because we were headed to the plaza for Waterfire afterward.
Yes, my child is wearing footie pajama's to the party.  That's ok, right?

So big!
Pony rides in the street!
This boy went back for more sauerkraut three times.  I love that we have the same favorite foods.  He couldn't shovel it in fast enough :)


After we filled up on German food and caught up with friends at Oktoberfest, we headed down to Waterfire.  We were pushing the boys' bedtime, so we had them ready to go in their pjs so we could go straight to bed when we got home.
The kids had a blast listening to the music, seeing the fire and acrobats and enjoying their very first Starbucks experience.  Hot chocolate was a big hit!  Sully thought he was so funny covering up Billy's eyes :)

We planted our fall seeds late, so our corn and pumpkins are just now coming in :)  The boys have had a great time watching it all grow, though.  And we have more basil than we know what to do with.  At this point I think I should just cut down the corn stalks and dry them.  Or...wait until December for our corn to be ready :)

They did a great job getting all of our bulbs planted.  We'll hopefully see some tulips in the spring!

The next couple weeks we'll be focusing on Halloween!  We have multiple parties to go to and a couple different costumes.  It's going to be ridiculously cute/hilarious.  Can't wait.

And then it'll be November....eek!

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