Monday, August 12, 2013

Sullivan's Birthday | Part II {the PARTY!}

Sullivan is lucky to have a summer birthday.  And this year the weather was even better than we could have hoped for.  This past Saturday brought us a sunny, 80 degree day that was perfect for being outside.  Sullivan was surrounded by family and friends and was one happy camper ;)
The campsite.
1) Annabelle lounging by the "campfire" 2) Sullivan roasting a marshmellow 3) Kiddos at the fishing hole

My personalized Walmart cake.  I added Pirouette cookies, melted cinnamon and butterscotch candies for the "fire" and made little a banner.
Sullivan looking out at an impressively full backyard of people singing happy birthday to HIM!  
Major mom fail:  I only put one candle on the cake?!
  We realized the one candle after we already sang happy birthday.  So we had the boys hold up two fingers for the record :)

The only thing that really matters is this happy little face.  
He was having a blast and enjoyed BOTH the orange-marshmellow cupcakes and the chocolate cake :)

Sack races!

I love the look on Max's face here :)  Listening to Boobo tell them the rules...

Trail Mix Bar for guests to make their own mix.

Nora and Max enjoying their cake.
Jennifer and Annabelle
Sullivan with Mimi and PopPop.  He just mastered holding up two fingers a couple days ago and is pretty proud of his accomplishment :)
Loved Lolli and Boobo's dancing squirrel card.
Sullivan's new tricycle from Lolli and Boobo!
Aunt Colleen helping Sully pedal.

Opening a gift from GG.
Guests left with S'more for later...
And we get to take a very nice donation of books to children who don't have many (if any) books to call their own.  We're taking the younger-aged books to The Children's Place (BMA's philanthropy) and the more advanced books to Hands to Hearts KC (Sullivan's personal philanthropy :)
Thank you to all of our guests for donating so generously!

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