Thursday, August 8, 2013

Sullivan's Birthday Celebration | Part 1

Good morning, birthday boy!  
Sullivan woke up to a few birthday presents from us and one homemade gift from Max...

 Camping gear!!

Everything he needs for a camping trip (his bday party theme for Saturday!)
Fishing poles and fish, sack race, sticks for roasting s'mores and hot dogs, lantern, canteen, etc.
And a big blow up Eco-Bonk bear.
Max did a great job creating a present especially for Sully.  We were at a toy store a few weeks ago and Sullivan picked up a tambourine and wouldn't put it down.  Max remembered how bad Sullivan wanted to buy it.  So we got busy making our own version of a tambourine...
 He decorated both sides, carefully punched holes and glued both sides together.
 He threaded bells through the holes carefully. And then had to test it out!

Sullivan loved it!  And look at that proud face on Max... ;)

Later in the day we took Sullivan on an adventure and left Max to hang out with his favorite babysitter.

Billy and I want to spend time alone with each child on their birthday every year.  We'd love to have a big family so it's going to be important to make each of our children feel special and individual as often as we can.  We thought it would be best to set the standard early on.  

Sully is a funny little guy and even at two has very discerning taste.  I asked him if he wanted to go pick out a new record or a new game for his birthday.  He chose record.


First Stop:  Prospero's on 39th
I doubt many two-year-olds spend their birthday searching for new records (admittedly picking them by the album cover artwork) but it is right up Sullivan's alley.

Since he was a tiny thing music was something that resonated with him.  We'd lay him by the record player when he was fussy, danced him to sleep to records almost every night in those early days and now we have regular dance parties with him as the DJ.  Picking music by the pictures on the cover and switching it out quickly if he doesn't like what he hears.

~A quick trip down memory lane~
Here he is only two weeks old at Prospero's.  Billy and I stopped in there on our wedding anniversary with our new little guy in tow.
Loved napping next to the music.
A little dance before bedtime.
Sully playing DJ...even at 13 months old.

Second Stop:  Blue Koi for some dumplings.
Sullivan and Daddy had lots of fun with the chopsticks.
Passed the time by playing tic-tac-toe with sugar packets.
Ready to eat :)

Last stop: Miami Ice
This place sells magic in a styrofoam cup.
Soft serve on the bottom, flavored ice on top.  Sullivan wanted gummy bears too.
Birthday boy gets what he wants...

Too much fun.  He passed out before we even got home.
That looks like birthday success to me...
He's excited for his big party on Saturday! Part II to come...

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