Sunday, August 18, 2013

Moments Bound for Memory

Yesterday afternoon we treated the boys to our traditional "anniversary celebration day".  We reserve time each year to celebrate our wedding date with the boys.  It's a family holiday.

We always want them to know how much their Momma and Dada love one another.  That we made a promise to each other and we will keep it forever.  Even if Dad is forgetful or Momma leaves dishes in the sink or we don't agree on the right way to get somewhere in the car.  We're a team.  And they are on our team too.
We tell them about our wedding day, show them pictures and talk about everyone who came to the party.  And of course do some of our favorite family activities...

A walk to the bakery for fresh cinnamon rolls in the morning:

A stroll down the Trolley Trail for some lunch at one of their favorite spots - Jalapenos.

It seems like we left no stone unturned in Brookside yesterday as we spent the entire morning and afternoon walking.

Wandering around our little community always makes me feel like we live in a different place in time.  A slower, friendlier time.  
We'll usually run into an acquaintance on the sidewalk or trail.  We pass lemonade stands and boys playing baseball in the front yard.  Among the historic houses and tall trees...something about it all comforts my old soul. 

On our way back home we passed a fire hydrant that was spouting water.  With the road blocked off we let the boys run free.  They were so intrigued with everything...the force of the water, the way it rushed down into the street drain, the fact that they were dancing in the water used by firefighters to put out fires.  I think this was the highlight of their special day.  Like we had planned this surprise water party for them.

Soaked and tired we walked the rest of the way home.  I took off their wet clothes and put them directly in bed for naps.  I checked on them a few minutes later and they were both completely passed out.  

I hoped that their minds were processing all the fun of the day.  Filing away the joy they felt in their hearts.  And that these moments we had created were bound for memory.  Even if the events of the day didn't make it to their long-term memory, they still have the pictures from this blog to remind them of another successful anniversary holiday :)

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