Monday, June 25, 2012

Away Together.

We're lucky enough to live near most of our family members.  We see them more than many people get to see their loved ones on a regular basis, but there's still something special about escaping your daily lives and going on an adventure as a group.  Even if that adventure is only 2 hours away in Omaha.  Trust me, with three littles under three years old it was all the excitement we could handle :)

We absorbed uninterrupted time in each others company, indulged in good food, had some great conversations and relaxed.  It was so nice to just be away.  Together.

 The kids really enjoyed the train.  Max was very intrigued by the map.  He tried to guide us around and would say "This way guys!"  He was intent on seeing the giraffes and zebras.  And since navigating this zoo is a million times easier than the KC zoo we were able to see everything.


The little grocery store was the biggest hit with Max and Annabelle.  It was so cute to see how they pick up on how to shop from observing us. Max picked out the things that I usually get from the store and inspected the produce closely.  He even waited patiently in the check out line.
 They had a special Wizard of Oz exhibit while we were there...which we got kicked out of.  Apparently that was an extra cost.  Oops!
Max loved the yellow brick road.  He also noticed that the scare crow's hat had fallen off and decided he should help him out.

 Everyone pitched in and we had some delicious meals.  It was nice to feed the kiddos and get them in bed and then enjoy an "adult" dinner on the deck.


 Bedtime books were always required of course.

We celebrated Uncle Michael's birthday with an ice cream cake since we wouldn't get to see him on his actual birthday.

 This cute little park was around the corner from our house.  The boys (big and little) had so much fun playing.  Even Momma got a spin on the merry-go-round.  Uncle Mike taught Max how to do the "airplane" on the swings.  It was a huge hit....until he face planted in the gravel.  I was proud to see him get right back on after I brushed him off and wiped a few tears.

We paid respects to some of our relatives who were buried near Omaha.  Henry Meyer is my great-great (-great?) grandfather.  His last name was Meyer...the 's' was added to his son's name in grade school to differentiate him from another "Meyer" in class.  That's how our family name became Meyers.

This giant slide in downtown Omaha was a blast.  The boys went down with Uncle Michael.  Max would've gone down the slide 100 times if we let him.

Max loved playing "waiter".  He'd ask "What you like?" and every once in awhile he'd shake his head and say "No have that."  Uncle Michael tried to order spaghetti and Max refused to ask the chef if they'd make an exception for his request :)  He'd scribble down our orders then run to the kitchen to fill up waters and deliver them back to his customers.  Then he'd bring over plates and ask "You like it?"  Boobo picked up the tab for everyone's food and Max earned a few dollars!

I love to see my loves love each other :)  So sweet.

We had a great and memorable trip.  Can't wait for next year...

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