Sunday, June 3, 2012

Real Life Moments: May

I take SO many pictures every week.  Most don't document any particular milestone or special occasion.  They're ones that might seem kind of boring, but when you put those little fragments of time together they tell our true story.  The one that is ordinary but important in its own way.  I call those fragments of time our real life moments.   

I'm going to try to compile some highlights of our "real life moments" at the end of each month on the blog to begin stitching together our little moments into something more tangible.  A whole greater than the sum of its parts.  Like a quilt of memories.  Here they are from the month of May...
All that's needed when you're a little boy living up warm days outdoors is a good pair of overalls.
Sullivan has mastered the art of pulling up on furniture.  He was so proud of himself the first time he was able to get his own toys out of the toy box.  And Max was equally beaming with pride as exhibited in the last photo...
Riding Max's roadster.  And Annabelle holding on for dear life :)

I swear I never saw one of these mega-cart contraptions in my future, but here we are!  There's even room for one more ;)
One day I dropped a bag of oranges on the floor in the kitchen.   They rolled everywhere, but I thought I got them all picked up.  Sullivan made off with one of them when I wasn't looking.  Again, he thinks he's so clever.  He thought it was such a prize.
This little friend is popular with both boys.  Max takes him for walks... does Sully.  He puts the string in his mouth and drags the gator behind him as he crawls around. 

Laziest SuperTarget shopper ever.
More shopping.  Momma needed new shoes!  Poor guy gets all the fun errands when brother is in school.
This child's hair grows so fast.  He's had more haircuts in the past two years than I have.
Playing tricks on little brother.
Loves to smell the flowers.   Max picked out all of the plants and is responsible for watering them every day.

One bite for the goose, one bite for me.
I found this hat while cleaning out his closet.  I had to get a pic before he officially out grew it (which I think he really already had :)
This sequence is poor photo quality, but the story it tells makes up for it.  Max loves to sit outside in his lounge chair.  I let him go in and out as he pleases, but Sullivan is stuck with me.  Poor Sullivan was banging on the the door and screeching.  Just as he gave up and started crawling away, Max finally noticed he was trying to get his attention. The third picture is Sully thoroughly annoyed with me and the situation.  Finally his big brother comes back in to play!
And that's what I call real. life. moments.


  1. This is one of my favorite posts. Great pictures!

  2. Shear Madness Haircuts for Kids? I hope so.