Thursday, June 7, 2012

Update: Sullivan at 10 months

Dear Sullivan,

All I can say is that this is all happening too fast.  I feel like my little baby is slipping away!  Seeing you move beyond the infant phase and progressing makes me feel powerless and proud at the same time.  This is something I'll need to make peace with though, my dear boy, because you show no signs of slowing down. 

This month you have found your opinion.   You formally object to having things taken from you now.  Up until recently you'd always selflessly give away any toy or snack your brother wanted, but now you grunt in frustration and try to grab it back.  Your little personality is really starting to develop and I have a feeling that I'll be playing the role of referee very soon. 

Your favorite game is rolling a ball back and forth.  I roll it to you, you roll it back...over and over and over.  You're getting good at throwing the ball as well.  You seem to be drawn to sports related things just like Max, but I'd have to say your main interest is in wheels.  Toy cars, trains and especially the wheels on Max's tricycle captivate you.  You push your toys back and forth while making a "car" sound.  It reminds me of your Uncle Michael when he was little :)

I'm not sure how, but rhythm and dancing are definitely in your bones.  We noticed your love for music early on when we'd dance with you to old records late at night.  It always soothed you immediately.  Many times I'll catch you grooving to background music that my ears hadn't even tuned in to.  Not only do you rock and bounce, but you twist back and forth and shake your head to the beat.

You're also starting to mimic us.  The other afternoon while I was talking on the phone I looked over at you and you had your cracker pressed against your ear.  Babbling, smiling and nodding.  Holy cuteness.  Now I pretend to call you (ring, ring!) and ask "Is Sullivan there?"'ll give me a giant smile and press your soggy cracker to the side of your head.  Oh geez, what am I going to do with you baby boy?  It's just too much.

I'm not sure why, but you've abandoned the cute little army crawl you've been doing for the past couple months.  You're up on all fours all the time now.  I didn't think you'd ever convert since the army crawl got you everywhere you needed to go expeditiously, but you're trying something new and I like to see that :).  You've been cruising around furniture too.  You'll courageously let go for a minute and balance.  It's hard to believe that last year at this time (which might as well have been yesterday) we were doing this and now I'm pretty sure you're gearing up to walk.  I'm desperately trying to cherish and soak up every moment. 

Watching you begin to make sense of the world around you and piece things together is a daily joy.  There is so much fun ahead of us and I think it will do me good to look forward rather than back :)

As always...
My whole heart,

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