Friday, July 6, 2012

Real Life Moments: June

Wow...that month went by fast.  I just finished wading through the hundreds of images that I captured in the short span of 30 days.  Am I over doing it?  Probably.  But I don't care.  These are our real life moments from June....
1) Sully using his little chair to walk.  2)  Good morning from Sully's room!  3) Cruisin' around the dining room.  4) So much focus in the playroom.
Sully likes to play in the kitchen drawers and get out all the measuring cups and spoons.  Another favorite of his is blocks...they all go in, then he dumps them out...then they all go get the idea :)  And Max loves to sit at his little desk in the living room and tell me he's "doing work".
Making "Dinosaur Poop". It was a fun way to show Max how mixing primary colors make secondary colors. He loved seeing that mixing blue and yellow made GREEN! It's so easy to impress a 2 year old.
The Art of Hiding.
"I know you're in there, Max..."
The Art of Seeking.
Max reads books to me constantly.  He has most of his favorites memorized...almost word for word.  The ones that he doesn't have memorized he'll make up a story to go with the pictures.  He's very interested in how letters make words.  He'll point to sentences (or words on anything really) and say "What's those words say, Momma?"  I love his curiosity and interest in reading already.
A trip to the market for fresh fruits, veggies and homemade pasta.
Max was my big helper and...the green bean thief. 
Toddler problem solving with water balloons and a plastic knife.  It was cute to see him try to figure out how to use the knife to pop the balloon.  And boy was it worth it to see his reaction when he finally figured it out!  This guy has had so much practice cutting balloons now that I think he could cut his own steak safely and efficiently :)
I try to say "yes" as often as I can.  So when we drove by this park and Max asked me to stop...I decided to say "Sure!"  We didn't have anywhere else to be and it made his little day :)
Visits from Aunt Een, cheering on Dada's kickball team (Max was so proud to see his Daddy out on the field.) and walks to our local park make for fun summer days.
All Max needs is a little plastic pool, the sprinklers and some fresh fruit.
An afternoon at Deanna Rose.  Funny story about the picture on the left...I said "Hey, Max, put your head in the circle."  Taking my instruction literally, he put the top of his head into the hole.  I was laughing so hard and finally said "I mean put your FACE in the hole!"  :)

Play dates at Chik-fil-a, at Annabelle's pool, lunch with GG and Lolli.  And finally, a Mr Stinky Feet concert.  Max enjoyed using Sully's head as a drum...which got me long do baby's have a "soft spot" on their heads?  Poor Sullivan.
A little outing to our local book store "The Reading Reptile".
Play group at Union Station's train exhibit.
With play group friends at the blueberry patch! Most blueberries went directly into Max's mouth as opposed to the bucket.  Sully munched on the ones he could find on the ground.  Mmmm...dirt covered blueberries.  I love the one of the boys with their sticks.  This posse always seems to find sticks no matter where we's such a little boy thing!

I love the play dates that I have just the two of us.  When Max is in school Sullivan treats me to his charming company at lunch :)
The free dinosaur exhibit at Crown Center.  Max was in heaven.  And he could name most of the dino's on display.  He's just a little obsessed.  His dinosaur "roar" gets a little out of control too.
Max has discovered the tiny shopping carts at Trader Joes.  Watch out fellow shoppers...he will run you over.
Snow cones are a big hit on hot days.  A trip to Little Freshie is the perfect afternoon escape.
 About RLM:
I take so many pictures every month. Most don't document any particular milestone or special occasion. They're ones that might seem kind of boring, but when you put those little fragments of time together they tell our true story. The one that is ordinary but important in its own way. I call those fragments of time our real life moments.  

I compile our "real life moments" at the end of each month to begin stitching together our little moments into something more tangible. A whole greater than the sum of its parts. Like a quilt of memories.

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