Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Update: 11 months

Dear Sullivan,

Here we are starting the countdown to the first anniversary of your birth.  Lately I've been thinking back to what I was doing last year at this time.  Waiting, waiting for you to arrive. 

I was writing about how surprisingly relaxed I was as your due date approached in THIS blog entry.  And how Max was busy preparing for your arrival HERE.  And even wrote how ready I was just FOUR DAYS before you decided your time had come.

But I had no idea what I was in store for. How head over heels I would fall for you.  How much my heart would grow and change and make way for another little love in my life.
Sitting in the corner next to the sign is no longer an option for these photos.
I brought Billy in for back-up and asked him to restrain Sullivan while holding up the sign.  I forgot to mention that clothing was only optional for the baby...so sorry for the nudity on an otherwise very decent and respectable blog ;)
On the Fourth of July as you sat outside devouring a wedge of watermelon I flashed back to this picture of you inside my (enormous) belly.

Look at you just sitting there eating watermelon like its what you do best ;)
It's been an unforgettable year.  And its an amazing thing being your momma.  That is the one thing that will never change as time passes.  Happy 11 months, sweet Sully...just 4 more weeks until your special day!

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