Friday, July 20, 2012

A Little Murray Dance Party

Every once in awhile we have an especially magical experience with our kids.  I'm sure all parents have them.  They generally sneak up on the most unexpected days.  Times which will earn a spot in the mental montage of your life when you're looking back at the end of it.

The other evening it was time for baths, but Max said "Dance party, pwease!?"  I had to say yes.  I asked what should we dance to and he said, "the song for me!". Which, I actually have two songs for him, but I knew he meant "Loves Me Like a Rock" by Paul Simon. 

He got out his little baseball bat and played it like a guitar. We danced in the living room at dusk with the blinds wide open. Holding hands and turning up the volume. Billy bounced Sully around to the beat. I sang my heart out to those little boys. 

Picking more music.  My little DJs.

Billy and I just smiled in disbelief at how amazing and perfect these little people we created are. And it really is overwhelming. How did we get here? How did all this happen? How, out of all the little boys in the world, did we get the best ones?

It's moments like this that time stands still and I feel like we have it all.  Nothing can come in between the love we have for one another.  Sully clapping his hands to the music, Max spinning wildly in his underware.  Billy looking as handsome as ever.  In that moment my smile could've just about turned to tears.  I needed nothing else in this whole wide world...except for maybe a half dozen more of these sweet babies dancing at my feet ;)  (jk, jk...I'm not having 8 kids!)

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