Monday, September 5, 2011

This morning...

The whole little family piled in our bed early in the AM. Momma on one side, Dada on the other, baby boys in the middle. All of us were in a half-awake, sleepy state. All of a sudden Max rolled toward Sullivan and gave him a big open-mouth kiss on the forehead complete with the "mmmwwaah!" sound effects. Then he took Sullivan's tiny hand in his and placed it on his cheek. Sully's little eyes opened wide and eagerly studied Max's face that was just inches from his.  The genuine love was so sweet to see between the brothers. They seem to know that they belong to each other. 

Billy and I just looked at each other and smiled from across the bed. My phone was sitting behind me on the nightstand but the moment was too precious to even glace away for one second so I didn't get a photo. Sometimes I have to force myself to just live in the moment rather than rush to capture it.

Here's a picture of the two of them on a similarly lazy morning a couple weeks ago...

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