Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Two under 2

Having two under 2 is both easier and harder than I expected. We've all adjusted pretty naturally to Sullivan's arrival. I'm amazed how Max has accepted his little brother with open arms. He seems so grown up to me now.  He makes sure I'm staying on top of my game by letting me know "momma...baby cry"  when Sullivan starts to fuss.  He also offers helpful suggestions...like "baby eat?" he'll ask me when he sees Sully looking for his next meal. And I'll say, "yes, it looks like he's getting hungry..." Max then seems satisfied that he's helped solve the problem.  He's my little sidekick.

But I won't lie...there has been an occasion or two when all three of us are crying at the same time. We all get a little overwhelmed with our new roles in life - momma of two, big brother, newborn baby. It's a lot to live up to for each of us.

Once the "moment" has passed I have to laugh at myself. I have two beautiful, healthy boys and a husband that is a true partner. I've got nothing to do but be with these little loves and mold them into the best people they can be. Yes, there's house work and bills to pay, but my number one job is to focus on these kiddos. That's a pretty great gig when I really think about it and there's nothing else I'd rather be doing.

Besides...the difficult moments, along with the best moments of being a parent, go by so fast.

Here's how we're managing day by day...

1) It used to really bother me if Max's pajamas didn't match.  I'd search the dresser drawers for the top that went to the bottoms or vise versa.  This concern now falls into the "things that definitely don't matter" category.
2) If I want to get a shower in while both boys are awake it turns into a family affair.  Sullivan goes in the bouncy seat outside the bathtub.  And in order to keep Max from poking Sully's eyes out or picking him up by his head I have to put him in the shower with me.  He plays with his bath toys while I wash my hair at record speed.

3) Sullivan spends a lot of time in the sling.  When both boys need me at once this little contraption keeps everyone happy.

4) This shopping cart is both my saving grace and my nightmare on wheels.  It keeps Max thoroughly entertained for however long our shopping trip takes and it leaves the front of the cart available for me to put Sullivan's carseat.  However, its impossible to steer around the store and when the time comes to get Max out of it when we leave I have to mentally prepare myself for the meltdown that will inevitably ensue.

5) We're lucky enough to have a lot of family on both sides living in the KC area.  This is such a priceless luxury.  It gives me a built in support system and extra hands that are ready to help whenever I need it.  Here Max is playing hide-and-seek with GG on the plaza after a nice lunch at Ingredient.

6) My double stroller is the bomb.  I credit it for giving me the courage to get out of the house with these two little misters without feeling too overwhelmed about how I'm going to juggle the both of them.  When they're both safely strapped in I feel like I'm actually in control of my life :)  And the basket in the bottom of the stroller has handled a Target shopping trip...that's pretty impressive capacity if you ask me.

7) I'm thankful that Sullivan was born during a time of year that we're able to spend time outdoors.  The fresh air of our early morning trips to the park keeps us all sane.  Again, using my trusty double-wide, I stroll Sullivan around the playground while Max runs from one thing to another. 

8) Humor always helps.  This little guy is truly one of the funniest people I know.  Two things that make me laugh...the fact that he's all about his "shades" these days and insists on wearing them during meals.  And his dancing (yeah, that's what he's doing in the second pic :).  This boy has some moves. 

9) The number one thing that gets me through each day is Billy.  He does so much to help.  He's my secret weapon for making it seem like I have it all together.  He cooks, cleans and lightens my load in any way he can.  I don't know how it all would be possible without him.

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