Thursday, September 15, 2011


Max started at the Early Childhood Learning Center last week.  He's just going one day a week from 9-1:30, but by the way I reacted you would think he was going off to college. 

Here's Max in his classroom on "Family Orientation Day".  We got to meet his teachers and the other kids and parents in his class.  It seems like such a small, close community of people.  Most of the kids in his class have older siblings in other classes and everyone already knows each other.  Billy, Max and I were all the new kids on the block :)  The majority of the kids at ECLC will also be going to the same school Max will be attending when he starts Kindergarten which I think is pretty cool. 
Max headed straight to the reading corner of course.  He's obsessed with books.
The night before his big day we gave Max a little gift to get him excited about going to school. 
We read his new book, gave him a bath with his special Elmo fizzy tub colors and packed his monkey lunch bag.   By the time we were on our way to school the next morning Max was yelling "Schoooo!" with excitement in the back seat all the way there.
First day of school!
 And he LOVED it.  His teachers are wonderful and I think he's really going to learn a lot. When I came to pick him up he was busy with an activity at the little toddler sized table.  He looked so independent, but as soon as he saw me he yelled "Momma!!" and greeted me with the biggest hug.  I also have to boast a little...both of his teachers commented on how well he communicates and told me that he is one of the most verbal kids they've had in their class.   Yay Max!   We are unbelievably proud of you!!

I'm torn between missing the little baby he was and feeling excited about the little man he's becoming. 

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  1. This should not make me feel sad, but it does. Bittersweet, I suppose. Will you lie to Max and tell him he's going to skooo, the drop him off at my house? I'm sure he will only freak out for a little while.