Saturday, August 27, 2011

Air Show

Max is always on the look out for airplanes in the sky. He calls them "mare-pains". Every sound he hears when we're playing outside (ie. lawn mower, car, contruction trucks) causes a frenzy of excitement. He runs around pointing to the sky yelling "MARE-PAIN!!!" and I feel so bad when I have to tell him the sound he hears is not an airplane.

But last weekend I knew he would not be disappointed because nearly every "mare-pain" sound he heard outside would almost certainly be an airplane.

On Sunday we watched the show from the back of our car in a random parking lot. We really wanted to avoid the crowds and paying $70 for admission when any number of scenarios (meltdown, diaper blowout, etc) could force us to head back home within minutes of arriving.

Max hanging out in the back of the Volvo waiting for the show to start.


Max kept signing and saying "more, more" everytime a plane would disappear from view.

Pure happiness.

After the show we went to lunch at Happy Gillis.

Two things that make Max happy besides airplanes: Eating and Coloring.

Sullivan WAS there he just did a whole lot of this the entire time...

Atleast he was wearing his little airplane outfit to show his excitement about the air show too.

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