Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sullivan's First Week & Max's 1/2 Birthday

Big week in the Murray household! We brought home our new baby boy and it was also Max's 1/2 birthday on Saturday, 8/13.

This week has been wonderful. All my boys at home just eating and sleeping and getting adjusted to the new family dynamic. I've been in heaven...if it was also possible to feel a little sleep deprived in heaven. And I really can't even complain about that. Sullivan gives me about 4 to 4 1/2 hour stretches of sleep at night already.

Max has been more accepting of Sullivan than I ever could have imagined. He is so proud and seems to have a sense of responsibility when it comes to his baby brother. Max follows me to the changing table every time Sully has a dirty diaper. He has decided its his job to hand me a clean diaper and throw the dirty one away. He also screams "BABY EAT!!" whenever I'm nursing Sullivan...not sure where he got that from, but he seems to think its helpful in some way. He surprisingly gives all the pacifiers to his baby brother too. I thought he'd be sneaking them away from the little guy every chance he got, but instead he tries to shove them in the baby's mouth everytime he sees one lying around. My heart is swelling with pride if you can't tell :)

Here's our week in photos:

We came home from the hospital on Monday afternoon.

"Aw, Mom!"

"Ok, much better without the ridiculous hat"

I have a history of bringing my sons home in embarrassing outfits as exhibited by the photo of Max on his way home from the hospital below:
Quick story...When I put this on Max in the hospital I started laughing so hard that the nurse came in because she thought I was crying.

First bath. Sullivan loved getting his hair washed but was not a big fan of the sponge bath part.

He looks so peaceful in the photos above, but was pretty mad at us by the end of the experience.

Luckily the record player playing Paul Simon seemed to sooth him back to sleep while we were drying him off. He loves to listen to music just like his big bro.

I had planned on telling Sullivan that he was born during one of the hottest summers in Kansas City history, but the weather broke this week and it's been unseasonably nice for mid-August. Billy and I have been dining al fresco on the back deck after Max goes to bed and taking our new little man with us in this tent to protect him from bugs.

Hanging out inside the house after finishing dinner.

Wednesday my wonderful mother-in-law had Max for the day so Billy and I could spend some one on one time with Sully. We stayed in bed all morning with this little love bug.

Then decided to get out and have lunch at the Classic Cup. Again taking advantage of the gorgeous weather...

Going to Max's Diner on Max's 1/2 birthday is a tradition we started last year.

Sullivan just hung out while we ordered our Max burgers at the counter.

We all shared a chocolate malt. Max was in charge of it, handing out sips to me and Dada as he saw fit.

And Sullivan continued to sleep.

When we got back home we had a cake for Max's 1/2 bday and Sullivan's "1 week bday".

Similar to the cake we had on Max's "1 week bday" celebration:

Max and I developed a routine of eating popsicles outside in the evenings this summer. He has a frozen GoGurt and I have my all-natural fruit bar. He insists we "cheers" before each bite.

Which gives Dad an idea...

Billy popping a bottle of champagne to celebrate surviving our first week with these two little rugrats while Max runs for cover :)

We did it. We brought a healthy baby boy into the world exactly the way I wanted to and successfully managed the transition of going from a "party of three" to a "party of four".

Max ran out to the yard to chase down the cork.

One week down. Dada is back to work on Monday. We'll see how I manage on my own...

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