Monday, September 23, 2013

Real Life Moments: Summer Edition

It's hard to believe summer is officially over.  The boys started school at the beginning of the month and our schedule is much more structured which has been good for all of us.  But we did enjoy a carefree, fun-filled summer that can only be described with photos.

Most of our "big" summer events and vacations were captured in other blog posts, but I had so many random photos of what we did during lazy days collected on my phone. I'm glad I have this blog as a place to dump them all.

As you can see most of our summer days were "clothing optional" :)  

Loves his superman cape made by Mimi.
Loves Momma's shoes too :)
Helping to get our garden started. 

We had to take a break from the heat every once in awhile and find fun inside...
Indoor Cosmic Bowling.
No-mess painting.
We got to have new experiences, like a lobster boil.  The boys were fascinated by the deconstruction of the lobster.  I was disgusted.  But had no problem eating the lobster once the shell, etc was out of sight :)

Lots of pool and sprinkler time in the backyard.
Max would start at the back door and run as fast as he could toward the pool yelling, "CANNON BAAAALLLL!"

Riding trikes (and tractors) in the driveway. Around and around in circles.  

Cowboy hats were worn daily.  I love Max's "stop copying me..." look :)

Caught being sweet...

Celebrating our Irish heritage.

Indulging in pure sugar.

More brotherly love.

We're so happy that fall has arrived and so ready for all of the fun things that go along with it.  The boys have already been asking to wear the Halloween costumes we've been working on and asking how long until Santa comes down the chimney.  I can't believe these things are right around the corner!  I'll have my camera ready...

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