Sunday, September 8, 2013

Back to School

Max is officially a pre-schooler and Sullivan has started his academic career in the 2+ class this year.  It's hard for me to believe that twice a week I'm a free woman!  However temporary.  

I genuinely missed them the first day.  Sometimes I feel stuck in a weird place between desperately needing a break and not wanting them out of arms reach simultaneously.  They, on the other hand, happily left my side for the excitement of a new classroom.

Prior to their first day I gave them each a little back-to-school package.  Max received a new lunchbox when he started school two years ago so it was Sullivan's turn to get his own.  And Max got a backpack since he's a big pre-schooler now.  He always envied the "big kids" in the pre-school and pre-k classes who walked in with backpacks and had their own little "lockers" to hang them in.  It was his turn to upgrade to backpack status.
My kids actually get excited for play-doh and new undies :)
Sadly, Max did not have the reaction to his backpack I had hoped for.  Apparently he had his heart set on the dinosaur one.  I got him the monkey, because he has a monkey lunch box. It seemed like ok logic on my part, but it was clearly the wrong choice. Tough cookies...sometime's life isn't fair, little man.

Sullivan's reaction was awesome, though!

And just as Sullivan was discovering how multi-functional his lunch box truly is.  Something magical happened...
Max put on the backpack and was transformed.  His initial reaction of disappointment had completely disappeared.
 And he ran like the wind.  Yelling "I love my monkey backpack!" 

And, then, posed for the camera like an awkward model :)
Ahh...the manic behavior of three-year-olds.  Keeps me on my toes.

The morning of school I set up a fun little breakfast table setting and made french toast.  This is the most effort I've  put into breakfast in a long time, so they had to occupy themselves patiently while I actually cooked something from scratch (with my camera nearby).

Max measured all the items at his place setting while Sullivan studied his apple.

 Max drew with crayons while Sullivan still contemplated his apple :)  

Max started drumming with the pencils and Sullivan was like, "Shh...its too early for that racket.  Chill.  Drink your smoothie."
And then Sullivan was like "Seriously. Stop. Or I'm going to make you."
I love their individual personalities so much :)

Dad left them a note since he had an early meeting and couldn't come with us to drop off.  He did get to help pick up at the end of the day, though, which made for two happy little fellas.

 Sullivan has come a long way from that sad baby in the window from the first day of school last year!  No longer left behind...
Sept 2012.  Max wasn't sure what I meant by "smile"?? 
 The boys had met their teachers briefly prior to school starting, but we made these little "Hello My Name Is..." gifts to reintroduce themselves on the first day.

When we got to school I let Max do his big brother duties while I stood back.  He took Sully's hand and walked him over the the playground.  I heard him say, "Here's where we go to recess.  And if you miss me today I'll see you out here, ok?"  Sully just nodded :)

Once inside Max continued to show him the ropes.  Where they have to go potty, get a drink and wash hands prior to going to class. And then helped Sullivan find his little lunch cubby.

I can't believe how big Sullivan looked when I peeked in to get a picture after we walked out of his classroom.  He was watching some other kids start their morning activity.  He joined in after a moment of observation.

Max's teacher asked the parents to stay for their morning story, "The Kissing Hand".  Max kept turning around and whispering "I love you, Momma!"  and then "Why are you still here??"
 Then they played "Who Is This Special Friend?" to learn each others names.  His class is bigger than it was last year, but he knows most of the kids already.  So many wonderful kids and families at our school.
Embarking on a new school year and taking on new challenges.  I'm so proud of my big boys!

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