Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Catching Butterflies

I hadn't been to Kauffman Memorial Garden in years.  Four years, to be exact.  My mom and I took a watercolor painting class at the KC Art Institute when I was barely pregnant with Max.  That was the summer of 2009.  Our first assignment was to paint flowers, so we came here to sit and work on our assignment.  

Fast forward to 2013, I was sitting on a blanket in the shade watching my boys run around while another little one kicked my belly from the inside.  It's hard to believe sometimes how quickly life moves.

Max has been on a mission for butterflies recently so we made catching one our goal of the outing.

{Supplies needed for a successful butterfly hunt}

1) Butterfly net, cage and pretend butterflies just in case real ones are scarce.

2) Curiosity.
Searching high and low.
Secret garden gate.
May have been breaking the rules just a little bit...

3) Binoculars and/or paper towel telescope

Sullivan was serious about the hunt :)
4) Sketch book and/or nature coloring book
Max really wanted to accurately capture the purple flowers we were sitting by.  Sullivan focused on coloring his snail picture.
It was a beautiful day to spend with my loves.  Capturing yet another moment in time...but not a single butterfly :)

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