Thursday, November 17, 2011


Billy is participating in Movember.  As in "Grow a Mo" for men's health.  "Mo" being slang for moustache. You can learn more here, but from my perspective its just a ridiculous looking tribute in honor of a very worthy cause.

This moustache Billy is growing is quite intriguing to Max. Every time Billy picks him up he points to it, touches it and giggles. "Stache?" he'll ask Billy. And Billy says, "Yes, Daddy has a moustache." I just shake my head and count the days until December 1st when Billy's creep-factor will no longer be off the charts.
Despite the pumpkin drawing on the chalkboard in the is indeed November. I finally changed it to a drawing of a turkey this week :)
I had some leftover moustache stickers from Max's birthday party (click here and scroll down to the bottom pic for a good laugh) so we decided to surprise Dada when he came home for lunch the other day.

Here the boys are showing their support for the cause:

"Sooo...I looks good, momma?"
"Wait...why you laugh?"
 The subtle difference between the two above photos speaks volumes.
Sullivan says: "Brother...that's not where it goes!"
Max says: "How do you know?"
Again, I keep myself laughing all day long with the dialog I imagine they're having :)  Their looks are just so expressive and hilarious I know I can't be too off track.
Love this one, but its so blurry.  Darn iPhone.
Cheers to Billy and all the men out there sporting a killer 'stache to raise awareness.  Bravo.

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